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Champions Articulate Your Value, with Nate Nasralla [Episode 1059]
Nate Nasralla, Founder at Fluint.io and I discuss how in the realm of online selling, having champions that articulate your value in the language of the buyer can make or break a deal.


Competence Over Experience, with Christine Rogers [Episode 1058]
Christine Rogers, President & COO at Aspireship, and I discuss the greater role of competency over experience in becoming successful as a SaaS seller.


Harness the Power of the MEDDIC Framework, with Meghann Misiak [Episode 1057]
Meghann Misiak is part of the new generation of thought leaders and sales leaders who are shaping the future of selling and the sales profession.


Win/Loss Analysis, with Andrew Peterson and Spencer Dent [Episode 1056]
Andrew Peterson, Spencer Dent, and I are talking about the importance and value that companies derive from doing effective win/loss analysis.


How to Overcome Objections in Critical Sales Moments
Every time a prospect raises an objection during a sales conversation, it’s a critical moment. Sure, mishandling an objection can instantly tank a deal faster than you can say, “just send me an email”. But when prospects object, it’s also a powerful opportunity to discover pain, build trust and propel deals forward.


Next Level Sales Leadership, with Derek Jankowski [Episode 1055]
We dig into Derek Jankowski’s journey in his sales career; including the start he got in sales in college and how that ultimately led to his current role scaling a sales team at Service Core. We also talk about Derek’s passion project, his side venture called Next Level Sales Leadership.


Proactive Outbound Prospecting, with Eric Quanstrom [Episode 1054]
Eric Quanstrom (CMO at Cience) is a leading expert on proactive outbound prospecting. On today’s episode we talk about the business of lead generation outsourcing, in particular sales development.


5 Sequences Every Team Needs In Their Playbook
We’re giving away the proven Guided Selling sequences that we use at Revenue.io to engage more buyers and close more deals.


Strategic Enterprise Sales, with Salman Mohiuddin [Episode 1053]
Salman Mohiuddin is a Strategic Enterprise Sales exec with Asana. Today is another episode in our series of new and interesting voices in sales.


Conversation AI Best Practice Guide
According to Garter, B2B sales reps forget 70% of their training within a week, and 87% will forget it within a month. With the global market for sales training being pegged at $4.6 billion, that’s a lot of money being wasted.


What’s Changed in Sales? with Wendy Weiss [Episode 1052]
Wendy Weiss and I talk about what has changed in sales, and buying, as a result of the pandemic. And what that means in terms of the sales strategies that need to be employed to connect with potential buyers.


CROs in Conversation, with Eric Stine [Episode 1051]
Eric Stine and I wanted to get into the buying experience and how to leverage technology to enable the consumer to personalize and control that experience. But, as it it turned out, we had a fascinating conversation about something else entirely.