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Security at Revenue.io

Help Enforce Compliance Behavior and Data Integrity at Scale

Revenue.io helps customers reduce risk and liability by making it easier for reps and IT professionals to manage their compliance needs.

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Enterprise Integration

Revenue.io is 100% built for Salesforce customers. We offer best-in-class Salesforce sync so your CRM can remain as your system of record.

Custom Data Retention Policies

Revenue.io offers deep analytics and controls for sensitive data admins can manage directly.

A Secure Sales Platform

Revenue.io is SOC II compliant and is subject to rigorous, consistent security testing.

Industry Compliance across the board

The integrity of your data is our top priority at Revenue.io. That’s why we have a rigorous and comprehensive suite of tests, certifications, and procedures in place to ensure our services and your data remain secure.

Real-Time Compliance Notifications

Are your reps required to deliver specific compliance-related messages during conversations? Revenue.io can be easily configured to remind reps of compliance requirements in critical moments during live conversations to help ensure they are never missed.

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Automated Call Recording Compliance

Worried that reps are recording conversations they aren’t supposed to? Want to record your rep or agent’s side of the conversation, but not buyers or customers? Revenue.io helps make it easier for managers to implement region-specific call recording settings and agent-only recording options.

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Secure Sign-On through Salesforce

Want to ensure your team can use a single secure sign-on for data security and convenience? Reps log in to Revenue.io using their Salesforce credentials, meaning one less password to remember, protected SSO authentication, and a single management location.

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Role-Based Access

Have sensitive data in your CRM and want to streamline access or workflows by role? With Revenue.io, customers can customize access to certain features following role-based permissions by user, team and company levels.

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"Revenue.io does a great job of helping you localize not just for area code, but for compliance, by allowing you to record calls in some states and not others."
Dana Clark is theDirector of Sales Process and Capabilities, Nutanix
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