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AI, Sales and Pipeline: How Innovative Teams Are Gaining a Competitive Edge

Building pipeline is hard, and if you’re still selling the way you did in 2022, it may get even harder. Can generative AI tools like ChatGPT spark creativity and make sellers more productive and successful? What other next-level technologies can help sales perform better? Join John Barrows and Howard Brown to discuss what’s working NOW and what to look for in the near future.

Howard Brown

Founder & CEO, Revenue.io

John Barrows

CEO, JBarrows Sales Training

William Tyree

Chief Marketing Officer, Revenue.io

From Stuck to Success: The New Formula for Closing B2B Pipeline
In this live session, Gal Aga (CEO, Aligned), Brandee Sanders (CMO, Revenue.io) and Maria Bross (Director of Performance Consulting, Revenue.io) will reveal the new path to winning more revenue by unsticking deals.
The Impact of AI on Mental Health and Sales
In this session, Richard Harris and Howard Brown discuss the transformative effects of AI on mental health and sales, and advocate for preserving the human element in an increasingly automated society.
How to Unlock Pipeline Growth Potential: New Research Reveals Actionable Takeaways
In this live session, Sally, Maria and William will reveal the latest data-backed research around pipeline development and share actionable tips that your team can start using right away to drive a healthy pipeline of winnable deals.
AI and Sales: How to Embrace 3rd Generation AI and Use it to Win
This session will cover the top challenges, opportunities and trends that you need to know in order to roll out a successful AI strategy.
AI and Sales Automation: Five Paradigm Shifts For Winning Sales Teams
Join Revenue.io Director of Sales Jake Spear and CMO William Tyree for a special session as they reveal new data, research and predictions on the new AI revolution.
AI, Sales and Pipeline: How Innovative Teams Are Gaining a Competitive Edge
Building pipeline is hard, and if you’re still selling the way you did in 2022, it may get even harder.
Bad Sales Conversations Are Killing Revenue Growth
New research shows that SDRs are having far fewer qualified conversations per day—down more than 50% from just a few years ago. To hit quota goals, reps need to ace every single conversation.
Double Your Pipeline: New Sales and Marketing Secrets for Converting Qualified Leads
It’s getting harder for SDRs to connect with prospects and book meetings. And that means marketers need to spend even more to drive high-quality conversations. Our latest research predicts that the cost of high-quality conversations will increase 57% over the next 4 years. For marketing and sales development leaders to hit their pipeline goals they need to be working in lock-step.
How to Close More Deals with Customer Value Creation
93% of executive buyers say their interactions with sellers are “useless.” How can you provide the value your customers are looking for? It’s time to prioritize customer value creation.
The New Formula for Perfect Sales Discovery Meetings
New data from Revenue.io reveals that SDRs are booking 8.6% fewer meetings from conversations. That means that it has never been more essential for AEs to nail every single discovery meeting.
Account Based Engagement: 5 Things Sales Needs From Marketing
Join Revenue.io Commercial Sales Manager Jake Spear and Chief Marketing Officer William Tyree for a session focused on 5 ways that sales can proactively work with marketing to ensure that they have what they need to not only win deals, but maximize the lifetime value and growth potential for each customer.
How to Grow Sales Revenue in an Economic Downturn
A challenging economy doesn’t need to mean the end of revenue growth. On the contrary, with the right approach, companies can lower their cost of revenue and achieve sales growth, even in a downturn market.