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How to Double your Discovery Call Conversion Rates

5 things AEs can do today to get dramatically better results

A great discovery call can mean the difference between losing and winning the deal. In fact, every meeting with a prospect should be a discovery call, and the top reps know this. They take every opportunity to better understand their buyer and unearth the challenges they don’t want to admit even to themselves.

Watch this on-demand webinar as Andy Paul, host of the Sales Enablement Podcast, and Jake Spear reveal the top things that the most successful reps do to master discovery calls.

Andy Paul

2X Bestselling Sales Author

Jake Spear

Sr Mgr, SMB & Commercial Sales, Revenue.io

Double Your Pipeline: New Sales and Marketing Secrets for Converting Qualified Leads
It’s getting harder for SDRs to connect with prospects and book meetings. And that means marketers need to spend even more to drive high-quality conversations. Our latest research predicts that the cost of high-quality conversations will increase 57% over the next 4 years. For marketing and sales development leaders to hit their pipeline goals they need to be working in lock-step.
How to Close More Deals with Customer Value Creation
93% of executive buyers say their interactions with sellers are “useless.” How can you provide the value your customers are looking for? It’s time to prioritize customer value creation.
The New Formula for Perfect Sales Discovery Meetings
New data from Revenue.io reveals that SDRs are booking 8.6% fewer meetings from conversations. That means that it has never been more essential for AEs to nail every single discovery meeting.
Bad Sales Conversations Are Killing Revenue Growth
New research shows that SDRs are having far fewer qualified conversations per day—down more than 50% from just a few years ago. To hit quota goals, reps need to ace every single conversation.
Account Based Engagement: 5 Things Sales Needs From Marketing
Join Revenue.io Commercial Sales Manager Jake Spear and Chief Marketing Officer William Tyree for a session focused on 5 ways that sales can proactively work with marketing to ensure that they have what they need to not only win deals, but maximize the lifetime value and growth potential for each customer.
How to Grow Sales Revenue in an Economic Downturn
A challenging economy doesn’t need to mean the end of revenue growth. On the contrary, with the right approach, companies can lower their cost of revenue and achieve sales growth, even in a downturn market.
Sales Enablement Secrets for Successful Cold Prospecting
It’s no secret that buyers aren’t sitting around waiting to get sales calls or emails. And while cold prospecting may be an interruption, it doesn’t need to be a nuisance. Nearly half of reps feel unprepared to hit the phones and emails, and in a historically turbulent market, there is very little room for error.
The Future of Sales Engagement Ft. Analyst Seth Marrs and Revenue
Best practices for high-performing sales teams are changing fast, and B2B sales leaders must adapt or perish.
How to Overcome Objections in Critical Sales Moments
Every time a prospect raises an objection during a sales conversation, it’s a critical moment. Sure, mishandling an objection can instantly tank a deal faster than you can say, “just send me an email”. But when prospects object, it’s also a powerful opportunity to discover pain, build trust and propel deals forward.
Discovery Call Secrets for 10X More Qualified Meetings
You only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s why discovery calls are so important. With the right approach and tools, your team can book up to 10x more meetings with qualified decision makers.
The New Rules of Lead Prioritization
Fast lead response has never been more important—75% of companies choose the first vendor that they talk to. But with leads and data constantly coming in from multiple sources, how can reps know where to focus in order to drive maximum revenue?
Is AI-powered coaching the next must-have sales technology?
Every rep knows what it’s like to make a mistake during a call that costs them a deal. But what if you could automatically warn reps right before they make a mistake, and more importantly, keep them from making the same ones over and over again? It may sound like science fiction, but thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, virtual sales assistants can now warn reps when they’re about to botch a call and tell them how to take corrective action.