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Account Based Engagement: The 5 Things Sales Needs Now from Marketing for Successful Acquisition and Growth

Account-based engagement requires successful collaboration between sales, marketing and customer success. But far too often, sales and CS are overly dependent on marketing to drive ABE strategy.

Join Revenue.io Commercial Sales Manager Jake Spear and Chief Marketing Officer William Tyree for a session focused on 5 ways that sales can proactively work with marketing to ensure that they have what they need to not only win deals, but maximize the lifetime value and growth potential for each customer.

William Tyree

CMO, Revenue.io

Jake Spear

Commercial Sales Manager, Revenue.io

In this session you'll learn:

  • New ways to prioritize leads and accounts in real time

  • The content sales needs from marketing to win deals and grow customer accounts

  • Top considerations sales leaders should look for in an ABE stack

  • A powerful way to improve results from live calls with target accounts