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Revenue.io for Marketing Leaders

Convert More Marketing Leads Into Revenue

With Revenue.io Sales Performance Analytics, Conversation Intelligence, and Marketing Call Tracking

Discover Which Campaigns Drive Calls

Complete your ROI reporting on which investments are creating the most sales-ready leads with marketing call tracking

Prioritize Your Best Leads

With lead prioritization built in, marketers can be confident that the best leads will receive the perfect response every time

Increase Lead Conversion Rates

Easily drive more opportunities and ultimately more marketing-sourced revenue thanks to productivity optimizations, conversation intelligence, and lead source context

Uncover Which Marketing Investments Are Creating Your Most Sales-Ready Leads

With full sales pipeline reporting, you gain visibility into lead performance from generation to close. Identify top and underperforming conversion sources quickly.

Stay Informed with Real Conversations

Gain insight with in-call keyword alerts such as customer feedback on messaging, competitor mentions, or conversations involving marketing content such as blogs or ebooks.

Optimize Campaigns with Real-Time Sales Feedback

Adjust and improve your campaigns with real-time lead quality data from sales feedback on inbound calls and marketing leads.

Promote Marketing-Sales Alignment

Break down silos by sharing actionable marketing intelligence with reps before, during, and after conversations.

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Revenue.io Products that Empower Marketers

Marketing Call Tracking

Discover which marketing efforts drive revenue from inbound calls while helping sales reps convert more inbound callers into customers.

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ConversationAI transcribes sales calls and transforms them into usable data. Take less notes, and improve your skills with pre-built dashboards that instantly reveal listening patterns, overtalk ratios, language diversity and other trends.

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Guided Selling

Automatically prescribe a series of emails, texts, and phone calls to any inbound website lead for sales, eliminating the risk of off-message communication while ensuring consistent, even response across your leads.

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Performance Analytics

Uncover exactly how many calls, texts, and emails were sent to every single lead, and see which strategies drove those leads to conversion.

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