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The Impact of AI on Mental Health Today with Richard Harris

In this compelling episode, Howard speaks to Richard Harris, Founder of the Harris Consulting Group, to explore the impact of AI on mental health.

Sales Strategy & Enablement by Revenue.io

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With more than 1100 episodes and millions of downloads, Sales Strategy & Enablement by Revenue.io is the world’s most-trusted sales podcast.

Each week, hosts Howard Brown and Alastair Woolcock deliver inspiring conversations with the world’s greatest sales leaders about sales engagement strategies and tactics, sales enablement, artificial intelligence, revenue intelligence, tech maturity, sales psychology and more.

Classic Sales Strategy & Enablement Episodes

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Check out classic episodes hosted by Andy Paul, the author of three award-winning sales books. Andy is #8 on LinkedIn’s list of the Top 50 Global Sales Experts to follow.

Hear him interview legendary sales leaders Tiffani Bova, Jen Allen, Keenan, Brent Adamson, Dan Pink, Jeffrey Gitomer, Zig Ziglar and others.

RevOps Podcast

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Are you curious about the future of sales and hyper-growth companies? Join hosts Howard Brown (Founder & CEO, Revenue.io) and Alastair Woolcock (Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer, Revenue.io and Gartner Alumni) and the world’s top revenue leaders to explore critical insights, technologies, strategies and psychology behind RevOps and revenue science.

You will get in the moment, thought-provoking discussions that today’s leading CRO’s, CSO’s and CEO’s need to stay ahead in this economic environment.

From Revenue.io, the company that optimizes high-performing teams with real-time guidance, comes a podcast guaranteed to deliver actionable takeaways and highly memorable stories about people who are eliminating silos between Marketing, Sales and Customer Success, while and creating a singular go-to-market model that delivers more revenue at lower cost.

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The Impact of AI on Mental Health Today with Richard Harris [Episode 1126]
In another special episode for Mental Health Month, Howard speaks to Richard Harris, Founder of the Harris Consulting Group, to explore the impact of AI on mental health. They discuss the mixed emotions that arise from technological advancements and emphasize the need to balance AI with human interactions in the sales process.
Transforming Sales Processes in the AI Revolution [Ep. 91]
This week, Alastair and Howard are joined once again by Darren Fay, Director of Revenue Operations and Intelligence at Instructure, to talk about the potential of AI in forecasting, setting Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), and adapting to market trends while also considering the importance of embracing AI.
Listener Q&A: Generative AI All Day [Ep. 89]
This week, Alastair and Howard answer more of your questions submitted to our message line and surprise, they’re all about generative AI and its impact on the job market. Alastair and Howard discuss the excitement and possibilities that generative AI offers in augmenting human intelligence and improving communication between sales teams and customers. They also emphasize the importance of open communication and transparency when approaching sales teams about using generative AI to help shape the future of their jobs and ultimately their success.
The Best Strategies for Putting Out RevOps Fires [Ep. 90]
In this compelling episode, join Alastair and Howard as they delve into the fascinating journey of Darren Fay, from firefighting to Director of Revenue Operations & Intelligence at Instructure. Together, they discuss the urgent need for data governance in the face of burgeoning AI technologies and the pivotal role of revenue operations in the management of this data.
The Risks and Rewards of AI in Sales [Ep. 87]
This week, Alastair and Howard are joined by Tim Hudson, the new Chief Commercial Officer from TE Connectivity and former Global Vice President, Commercial Excellence at Honeywell. They discuss what commercial excellence means, how to assess and prioritize opportunities in an organization, and the power of innovation in companies of all sizes. They offer practical strategies for how to increase the risk appetite at your organization and the benefits of adopting AI for your team.
The Oxymoron of Sales Forecasting [Ep. 86]
In part two of our conversation with Barry Trailer from the Sales Mastery Institute, we get underneath the oxymoron of sales forecasting. We dive deep into how time-to-value impacts forecasting, the importance of understanding the buyer journey and the need to support buyers in the process. We also discuss how to accurately forecast sales, the quality of CRM data and how to avoid margin compression.
The Secret to Sales Excellence in the Face of Uncertainty [Ep. 85]
This week, Alastair is joined by Barry Trailer from Sales Mastery to discuss his 2023 Coaching Impact Report. They also cover the importance of the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and relentless qualification throughout the sales funnel as well as the significance of expanding footprints within existing accounts to weather the storm during challenging times.
How to Use AI to Revolutionize Your Business Today [Ep. 84]
On this special episode of the RevOps Podcast, our hosts Howard Brown and Alastair Woolcock delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence. They discuss how businesses need to start thinking differently about AI, its role in augmenting human intelligence and how it can be used to empower sales and marketing teams. They also explore how AI can be used to generate content and provide real-time support to sales reps.
Driving Results with ABM and Intent Data [Ep. 83]
Alastair welcomes back Kamil Rextin (Founder & General Manager at 42 Agency) to discuss how to use intent data, attribution data, and ABM technologies throughout the lifecycle. They also discuss how to align various teams around ABM motions using low-tech approaches and other methods to personalize the customer experience.
Is Technical Debt Killing Your Productivity? [Ep. 82]
Kamil Rextin (Senior General Manager at 42 Agency) joins Alastair this week to share his insights on the current trend of platform consolidation and explains how to identify the right problems to solve in order to personalize your outreach. Tune in to also get Kamil’s tips on how to avoid technical debt, segment your audience, and use the right tools for the job.
Using Data to Ask the Right Questions [Ep. 81]
In this episode, Alastair chats with Todd Kane, President of Evolved Management Consulting. Todd has had a long and successful career in telecommunications and managed services fields, and he shares his expert insights on using data to inform decision-making in a rapidly changing business landscape. Also, hear their advice on how to use data to track goals, ask questions, and make forward-looking decisions.
The Future of Sales Enablement & AI [Ep. 80]
Steve Hallowell (VP of Strategic Services at Highspot) is back with us to discuss the future state of enablement and the implications of AI across the industry. We also talk about how AI can be used to simplify the data that sales reps have to deal with, and how AI can help change behavior and prioritize actions to make the most impactful change.