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Revenue.io presents:

RevOps Podcast

Join Jordan Henderson, Jonathan Stevens, Brandon Redlinger and some of the world’s leading revenue operations leaders on a journey as they tackle the important questions many of us face today when building a RevOps function.

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Today’s leading B2B companies are embracing Revenue Operations as the brilliant answer to misaligned processes, people and data that lead to catastrophic inefficiencies.

However, many people still have critical RevOps questions: What processes and tools do I need? How do I structure my team? How do I measure outcomes across sales, marketing and customer success? What are best practices?

From Revenue.io, the company that transforms sales teams into high-performing revenue drivers, comes a podcast guaranteed to go beyond the surface-level conversations and dive deep into the world of RevOps. Your hosts deliver unfiltered, thought-provoking discussions and actionable takeaways on every episode about the ideas, processes and technology changing the B2B landscape.

Meet the Hosts

  • Jonathan Stevens

    Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, Revenue.io


  • Jordan Henderson

    Dir. of Revenue Operations, Revenue.io


  • Brandon Redlinger

    Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Revenue.io


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