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How Revenue helped this 2x unicorn boost efficiency, growth, and scale across their entire sales process


  • With a huge influx of sales leads coming in to the Nutanix software business, it became increasingly challenging for both AEs and SDRs to swiftly follow up on the leads and track all of the associated activities. They needed a way to automate the way they addressed and followed up on these leads, while streamlining the whole process end to end from first-touch to opportunity creation to close.
  • With a globally distributed sales force, Nutanix needed to enable their reps to localize their selling motions both domestically and internationally.
  • Experiencing less than optimal productivity, Nutanix needed a way to automate both outbound and inbound sales processes in order to maximize dials per day.
  • In order to maintain a complete system of record in Salesforce and get a 360 degree view of the prospect, Nutanix needed to automate call logging, call notes, call dispositions, and follow up tasks.
  • The massive reach generated by their marketing org created a strong need for routing all of the inbound calls to the right person at the right time.


  • RingDNA, the Revenue.io Global Communications Hub: Nutanix uses Click-to-Dial to maximize dials per day and Voicemail Drop to boost efficiency across their inside sales team and SDRs, saving at least two hours a day per rep.
  • Revenue.io Global Local Presence: Nutanix employs call tracking and call routing to direct inbound calls to the right person at the right time, delivering a better customer experience and increased personalization.
  • Revenue.io Sales Coaching and Call Monitoring: With real-time call coaching and monitoring, Nutanix can deliver actionable feedback to their reps and offer executive support around objection handling.


  • They are excited to start using Revenue.io’s ConversationAI solution to ramp new reps faster and enable sales managers to coach smarter and be accountable for setting reps up for success.

Nutanix is a global leader in cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, making infrastructure invisible so that IT can focus on the applications and services that power their business. Companies around the world use Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software to bring one-click application management and mobility across public, private and distributed edge clouds so they can run any application at any scale with a dramatically lower total cost of ownership. The result is organizations that can rapidly deliver a high-performance IT environment on demand, giving application owners a true cloud-like experience. Recent growth has resulted in an influx of opportunities and leads that need to be swiftly followed up on. And that's one of the places where Revenue.io comes into play.

“Revenue.io helps us connect the selling activities and motions of our sales development reps with our CRM platform, Salesforce. And it's not so much to make sure that we track the work, but it's really to try and simplify and drive efficiency across the entire sales process.”

Dana Clark, Director of Sales Process and Capabilities, Nutanix

"Revenue.io allows us to do live call coaching and complete our dials remotely from anywhere… Everyone gets weekly hour long call sessions, we've been able to keep doing that from home with Revenue.io."

Alicia Woerner, Inside Sales Development Manager, Nutanix