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Revenue propels HPE global sales teams to 400% more sales opportunities


  • A global company selling into more than 150 countries
  • Boost rep productivity across a global sales team
  • Drive more sales conversations
  • Automate activity logging in Salesforce
  • Real-time visibility into call activity and outcomes
  • Management visibility and improved sales coaching
  • Increase sales user adoption in Salesforce


  • RingDNA, the Revenue.io Global Communications Hub
  • Revenue.io Global Dynamic Local Presence Dialing
  • Revenue.io Call Analytics
  • Revenue.io Sales Coaching Suite
  • Revenue.io Conferencing


  • 400% more sales opportunities
  • 400% increase in call pickup rates
  • 100% insight into call performance
  • 100% user adoption across worldwide sales teams
  • More effective sales coaching

HPE makes IT environments more efficient, productive and secure, enabling fast, flexible responses to a rapidly changing competitive landscape. The company provides hybrid IT, built on secure, next-generation, software-defined infrastructure that will run customers’ data centers today, bridge to multi-cloud environments tomorrow and power the emerging intelligent edge that will run campus, branch and Industrial IoT applications for decades to come. All delivered through a world-class services capability. HPE makes Hybrid IT simple with the expertise to make it happen.

WHY Revenue.io?

In 2015, 75-year-old technology giant Hewlett-Packard split into two companies: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), selling servers, software and enterprise services, and HP Inc, which would sell PCs and printers. HPE CEO Meg Whitman noted that the move would make HPE fast, nimble and focused. Following that directive, Dana Clark, the company’s Director of Worldwide Inside Sales Processes, needed to make sure that his reps around the world had the best sales technology available.

When evaluating solutions, Clark was guided by several core objectives. Chief among them were making reps more productive, increasing the number of quality sales conversations, and getting full visibility into call analytics for sales teams around the globe. Clark also needed to increase usage of Salesforce, and hoped that providing a state of the art sales tool on top of the CRM would help. In addition, the company had to make sure the solution was flexible enough to work within a complex and highly customized Salesforce solution. Finally, HPE is a global company doing business in over 150 countries, including a number of eastern European markets, where geopolitics would make dynamic country-to-country local presence dialing particularly essential. Finally, HPE had to be assured that the solution met the standards for enterprise-grade security, including handling of data from reps in widely disparate regions.

After comparing several competing solutions, Clark decided to pilot Revenue.io for the company’s reps in Prague. After a successful trial period, Revenue.io was implemented in nine additional locations, including Spain, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. During the wider rollout, Revenue.io integrated with a number of systems in addition to Salesforce, including Microsoft Lync and Skype. Soon, HPE reps were handling more than 150,000 calls with Revenue.io each month, netting a 400% increase in sales opportunities.

Along the way, HPE reps greatly increased their usage of Salesforce, and sales managers found Revenue.io’s Call Coaching Suite indispensable. Call analytics ensured that supervisors knew which reps needed the most help, while live and recorded call monitoring helped supervisors ensure reps were always focused on the right leads with the right messaging. In addition, Revenue.io enabled HPE executives to measure the effectiveness of sales coaching throughout the management hierarchy.

As Revenue.io continuously rolled out new capabilities, Revenue.io support reps in the U.S. and Europe worked with HPE to ensure that reps were getting the most out of the tool. “Revenue.io helps our Inside Sales teams make more dials and increase our connection rates,” said Clark, “While providing a market-leading platform to drive greater sales.”