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Tuesday January 16th

2024 Bulk Email Send Update: Best Practices and New Plays

Join hosts Brandee Sanders, CMO, and GTM Sales and Tech Leader Jarred Andrews on Tuesday, January 16th at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST to unlock the secrets of effective bulk emailing in 2024.

Jarred Andrews

Award-Winning GTM Leader

Brandee Sanders

Chief Marketing Officer, Revenue.io

2024 Bulk Email Changes? There's a Silver Lining!

We know it’s been hectic keeping up with the news of Google and Yahoo’s adjustments to bulk email sends, but as we head into a new 2024, Revenue.io wants to share a silver lining: a chance to enhance the effectiveness of your bulk email campaigns!

This session will cover:

  • Key updates in bulk email send for 2024 

  • Preparation strategies you can start using today 

  • Improving your email reply rates and copy that gets clicks

  • Quick wins and best practices for email deliverability