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AI, Sales and Pipeline: How Innovative Teams Are Gaining a Competitive Edge

Building pipeline is hard, and if you’re still selling the way you did in 2022, it may get even harder. Can generative AI tools like ChatGPT spark creativity and make sellers more productive and successful? What other next-level technologies can help sales perform better? Join John Barrows and Howard Brown to discuss what’s working NOW and what to look for in the near future.

Howard Brown

Founder & CEO, Revenue.io

John Barrows

CEO, JBarrows Sales Training

William Tyree

Chief Marketing Officer, Revenue.io

This live webinar will reveal:

  • Innovative ways sellers are using ChatGPT and similar tools to unlock creativity, create content and break through barriers

  • How augmented intelligence is guiding sellers to book more meetings and drive more pipeline

  • The surprising ways AI can help sellers create more empathy during sales conversations