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AI, Sales and Pipeline: How Innovative Teams Are Gaining a Competitive Edge

Building pipeline is hard, and if you’re still selling the way you did in 2022, it may get even harder. Can generative AI tools like ChatGPT spark creativity and make sellers more productive and successful? What other next-level technologies can help sales perform better? Join John Barrows and Howard Brown to discuss what’s working NOW and what to look for in the near future.

Howard Brown

Founder & CEO, Revenue.io

John Barrows

CEO, JBarrows Sales Training

William Tyree

Chief Marketing Officer, Revenue.io

How to Overcome Objections in Critical Sales Moments
Every time a prospect raises an objection during a sales conversation, it’s a critical moment. Sure, mishandling an objection can instantly tank a deal faster than you can say, “just send me an email”. But when prospects object, it’s also a powerful opportunity to discover pain, build trust and propel deals forward.
Discovery Call Secrets for 10X More Qualified Meetings
You only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s why discovery calls are so important. With the right approach and tools, your team can book up to 10x more meetings with qualified decision makers.
The New Rules of Lead Prioritization
Fast lead response has never been more important—75% of companies choose the first vendor that they talk to. But with leads and data constantly coming in from multiple sources, how can reps know where to focus in order to drive maximum revenue?
Is AI-powered coaching the next must-have sales technology?
Every rep knows what it’s like to make a mistake during a call that costs them a deal. But what if you could automatically warn reps right before they make a mistake, and more importantly, keep them from making the same ones over and over again? It may sound like science fiction, but thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, virtual sales assistants can now warn reps when they’re about to botch a call and tell them how to take corrective action.
Customer Acquisition & Revenue Operations Benchmarks for 2022
Discover secrets from the top B2B revenue teams – from how they’re structured to how they drive growth and more – in this upcoming webinar, where we’ll be unveiling the findings from the 2022 Customer Acquisition & Revenue Operations Benchmark Study. Our panel of industry experts from Demandbase, RevOps Squared, and Revenue.io will look at the latest research that shows exactly how enterprise companies are approaching their revenue strategy in the new year.Watch this on-demand replay as Andy Paul, host of the Sales Enablement Podcast, and Jake Spear reveal the top things that the most successful reps do to master discovery calls.
The Sales Coaching Code: A new framework for reinforcing training that actually works
Revenue.io Vice President of Sales Ryan Vaillancourt has cracked the coaching code and developed a new coaching framework that consistently reinforces sales training in real time. Join us on Tuesday November 9, at 10am PST for a live webinar where Ryan will reveal exactly how he helps SDRs and AEs develop skills that maximize their revenue-driving potential. Watch this on-demand replay as Andy Paul, host of the Sales Enablement Podcast, and Jake Spear reveal the top things that the most successful reps do to master discovery calls.
How to Get a Meeting with Anyone in 2021
With virtually all sales teams working remotely, sellers are facing unprecedented competition for their buyers’ attention. With in-person meetings largely off the table, sellers need ways to truly stand out in order to win their prospects’ attention and trust.
Create a Coaching Culture that Drives Results
Retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges facing sales leaders. And research shows that the reason that 60% of reps leave jobs is because they “aren’t getting value from managers.” Retaining top talent and exceeding quota requires more than sales training, it requires building a culture of coaching. More companies are using AI-powered conversation intelligence to supercharge their sales coaching. But conversation intelligence solutions alone are not enough to drive results – you must be able to both analyze and draw insights from those conversations.
The 2021 State of Sales Coaching
Ready to maximize the impact of your sales coaching? Revenue.io surveyed over 2000 sales leaders and reps to find out how SDRs are coaching their teams, what the top challenges are, what’s working and not working, and which technologies are having the biggest impact on pipeline and revenue.
How to Cut Sales Rep Ramp Time by 50%
Research from sales think tanks and consultants consistently show that ramp time is .dangerously long and inefficient for most businesses. But it doesn’t have to be.Join us on February 18 for a webinar that focuses on how to transform newly hired sales reps into ramped revenue producers in half the time.
Double your Discovery Call Conversion Rates
A great discovery call can mean the difference between losing and winning the deal. In fact, every call with a prospect should be a discovery call, and the top reps know this. They take every opportunity to better understand their buyer and unearth the challenges they don’t want to admit even to themselves. Watch this on-demand replay as Andy Paul, host of the Sales Enablement Podcast, and Jake Spear reveal the top things that the most successful reps do to master discovery calls.
AA-ISP Webinar: New Research Reveals 2021 Revenue Operations & Sales Planning Trends
According to Gartner, nearly 51% of sales organizations have already deployed or plan to deploy guided selling software in the next five years.