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How to Grow Sales Revenue in an Economic Downturn

A challenging economy doesn’t need to mean the end of revenue growth. On the contrary, with the right approach, companies can lower their cost of revenue and achieve sales growth, even in a downturn market.

Join Revenue.io Founder and CEO Howard Brown, Alastair Woolcock (CSO, Revenue.io and frm. Gartner Analyst) and Jen Allen (Chief Evangelist, Challenger™) for a session focused on steps that top performing sales teams are taking to drive revenue in a downturn market.

Jen Allen

Chief Evangelist, Challenger

Howard Brown

CEO, Revenue.io

Alastair Woolcock

CSO, Revenue.io

In this session you'll learn:

  • The right way to apply the Challenger Sale methodology in a difficult economy

  • New ways to increase sales revenue without hiring additional headcount

  • How to turn “No Decisions” into won deals

  • Proven ways to position your offering as a “must-have”

Be sure to bring your questions for Jen, Howard and Alastair; there will be ample time for Q&A.