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Create a Coaching Culture That Drives Results

Retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges facing sales leaders. And research shows that the reason that 60% of reps leave jobs is because they “aren’t getting value from managers.”

Retaining top talent and exceeding quota requires more than sales training, it requires building a culture of coaching. Join us for an on-demand webinar that will reveal exactly how our Director of Inside Sales Joe Wisniewski is using conversation analytics to build a coaching culture that maximizes SDR retention, job satisfaction and revenue.

Joe Wisniewski

Director of Inside Sales, Revenue.io

More companies are using AI-powered conversation intelligence to supercharge their sales coaching. But conversation intelligence solutions alone are not enough to drive results – you must be able to both analyze and draw insights from those conversations.

By attending this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How coaching can help with rep retention
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes companies make when using conversation analytics
  • Secrets to creating a coaching culture where reps feel comfortable sharing call recordings and asking for help
  • How AI can actually make sales MORE human

The webinar will be loaded with actionable takeaways that you can start using right away, whether you are already using conversation intelligence software or not.