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How to Get a Meeting With Anyone in 2021

With virtually all sales teams working remotely, sellers are facing unprecedented competition for their buyers’ attention. With in-person meetings largely off the table, sellers need ways to truly stand out in order to win their prospects’ attention and trust.

Join Andy Paul (Host, Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul) and Stu Heinecke (WSJ cartoonist and author, Get the Meeting!) for a masterclass on the contact marketing, prospecting and personalization techniques that will help you drive pipeline in 2021 and beyond.

Andy Paul

Host, The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

Stu Heinecke

WSJ Cartoonist & Best-Selling Author of "Get The Meeting!"

By attending this session you’ll learn:

  • What contact marketing is and how all sales roles can use it to book more and better meetings
  • How to get up to 100% response rates from cold email campaigns
  • How to leverage empathy and humor to build strong relationships with buyers
  • Why “mass personalization” isn’t an oxymoron

By attending this masterclass, you’ll get a chance to interact with Andy and Stu, and receive a free premium gift bag.