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How to Overcome Objections in Critical Sales Moments

Every time a prospect raises an objection during a sales conversation, it’s a critical moment. Sure, mishandling an objection can instantly tank a deal faster than you can say, “just send me an email”. But when prospects object, it’s also a powerful opportunity to discover pain, build trust and propel deals forward.

Watch recognized outbound sales coach Jason Bay and Revenue.io VP of Sales Ryan Vaillancourt for a whiteboard session focused on how to overcome both common (and unexpected) objections during some of the most critical moments that come up during conversations, and how sales coaching technology is rapidly evolving to help reps execute.

Jason Bay

Chief Prospecting Officer, Blissful Prospecting

Ryan Vaillancourt

VP of Sales, Revenue.io

This live session will include:

  • How to approach the most common sales objections

  • Overcoming some unexpected objections that reps typically struggle with

  • An innovative way to guide reps to handle objections during critical moments

  • How to effectively balance human and automated sales coaching
Even if you can’t make the live broadcast, register now and we’ll send you the video recording immediately afterwards.