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AI and Sales: How to Embrace 3rd Generation AI and Use it to Win

Join Revenue.io Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer Alastair Woolcock (a former Gartner VP analyst) and Sean Lane, VP Field Operations at Drift, for a look at the latest research on how AI is transforming sales. The session will cover the top challenges, opportunities and trends that you need to know in order to roll out a successful AI strategy.

Alastair Woolcock

Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer, Revenue.io

Sean Lane

VP Field Operations, Drift

Sales teams are facing unprecedented challenges.

In this turbulent economy, reps are only spending 28% of their time selling, sales leaders face increasing pressure to increase revenue with limited headcount and budget, and 93% of B2B sales teams are missing their forecast by double digits.

The good news? Top-performing teams are solving these problems with AI. But a lot of sales teams don’t yet have an AI plan, and those that don’t are at a serious disadvantage.

This session will cover:

  • What 3rd gen AI is and how to use it right now

  • Proven ways to give reps up to 72% more selling time with AI

  • Top opportunities for sales management, account executives and sales ops

  • How to improve data accuracy and transform forecasting with AI

  • New predictions about how AI will reshape the sales landscape