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The New Formula for Perfect Sales Discovery Meetings

New data from Revenue.io reveals that SDRs are booking 8.6% fewer meetings from conversations. That means that it has never been more essential for AEs to nail every single discovery meeting. The good news is that there is a proven way to structure discovery calls that can maximize quota attainment and revenue. And our all-star panel is going to reveal exactly what it is.

Watch this instant replay with rockstar sales coach Jason Bay (Outbound Squad) and Revenue.io Director of Sales Jake Spear for a masterclass on leading the perfect discovery meeting.

Jason Bay

CEO, Outbound Squad

Jake Spear

Director of Sales, Revenue.io

This free virtual event will cover:

  • How SDRs can set AEs up for successful discovery meetings

  • Often overlooked ways that top AEs prepare for meetings

  • How to structure discovery meetings that align with your customers’ goals

  • The technologies top analysts are recommending to drive better meetings