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Double Your Pipeline:
New Sales and Marketing Secrets for Converting Qualified Leads

It’s getting harder for SDRs to connect with prospects and book meetings. And that means marketers need to spend even more to drive high-quality conversations. Our latest research predicts that the cost of high-quality conversations will increase 57% over the next 4 years. For marketing and sales development leaders to hit their pipeline goals they need to be working in lock-step.

Now available on demand, join us for a masterclass in marketing and sales alignment. Revenue.io CMO William Tyree will host a panel featuring Sarah McConnell (VP of Demand Gen, Qualified) and Revenue.io Director of Sales Development Maria Bross.

Sarah McConnell

VP of Demand Generation, Qualified

Maria Bross

Director of Sales Development, Revenue.io

William Tyree

CMO, Revenue.io

The on-demand session will cover:

  • Conversational marketing best practices proven to drive qualified pipeline growth
  • An easy way to help SDRs book 20.1% more meetings from calls
  • A new (but proven!) way to simplify SDRs’ approach to lead response
  • How to use intent signals to align with where buyers are in their journey