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Buyer-First Sales, with Ross Rich [Episode 985]
Are SaaS sellers in trouble?


Double your Discovery Call Conversion Rates
A great discovery call can mean the difference between losing and winning the deal. In fact, every call with a prospect should be a discovery call, and the top reps know this. They take every opportunity to better understand their buyer and unearth the challenges they don’t want to admit even to themselves. Watch this on-demand replay as Andy Paul, host of the Sales Enablement Podcast, and Jake Spear reveal the top things that the most successful reps do to master discovery calls.

Case Study

Disruptive Advertising Increases Client Growth and Satisfaction With Revenue.io
Since implementing Revenue.io, Disruptive Advertising has seen rises in client growth, client retention, customer satisfaction, and higher NPS scores.


The Top 5 Mistakes New SDRs Make On Sales Calls & How to Fix Them
The average required experience at hire for SDRs has hit an all-time low—only 1.2 years. Yet sales is a nuanced profession, and the learning curve is steep in those first couple years.


10 Easy Ways to Transform Your Sales Calls Today
According to research by the Bridge Group, reps have an average of just 4.4 quality conversations per day — a 45% decrease since 2014. So when people say that the art of conversation is dying out, they really mean it.


10 Tips to Create a Coaching Culture that Drives Exponential Results
Hiring top sales talent is important, but once you have them, how do you get them to stay? Research shows that the reason that 60% of reps leave jobs is because they “aren’t getting value from managers.”


Gartner Quick Answer: What Makes RevOps Work?
Wondering how the world’s top companies are aligning revenue teams to maximize pipeline and revenue? Trying to figure out how to get started with RevOps? Gartner has all the answers in this report. Gartner has all the answers in this report.