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Real-Time Guidance Enables RSC Health Reps to Answer Tough Questions During Live Calls


  • Moments™ by Revenue.io empowers RSC Health to ensure reps adhere to on-brand messaging across every call
  • Real-time guidance is creating faster ramp time for new reps by automatically surfacing answers to challenging customer questions in real time

The Challenges

Rapid Screenings Center (RSC) Health is a full-service lab testing company on a mission to change people’s lives. In an industry where people’s health is at stake, every customer service representative needs to be able to efficiently and empathetically solve customer challenges.

The main priority of RSC Health is to offer top-notch customer service that brings people back over and over again. Prior to implementing Moments™, managers struggled to help their customer service reps know what to say at the right time. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, managers had the answers to common customer questions, but they didn’t have an easy way to provide this information to their reps in crucial moments during live calls.

The Solution

Rapid Screenings has been a Revenue.io customer for nearly a decade. Having relied on Revenue.io for so long, RSC Health was already reaching more customers with real-time context using the RingDNA Global Communications Hub. They decided to add Moments™, AI-powered call guidance that assists reps in real time, to effortlessly reinforce customer service training, align brand messaging across all calls and guide reps to answer technical questions.

By customizing their use of Moments™, RSC Health can scale the experience they’ve garnered over the years directly to their reps. According to RSC Health Partner David Hines, “We put FAQs in certain areas of Moments™ because we know the questions are the same all the time.” This allows every single rep to adhere to cohesive on-brand messaging.

The Results

Moments™ enables RSC Health to ramp new customer service reps faster and more efficiently, driving new growth and reducing attrition. Even the newest reps can enjoy the advantage of expert guidance on every call.

Said Hines, “Being in business for 14 years, I don’t want to say we have all the answers…but we have all the answers.” Moments™ gives these time-tested answers to reps in real time, so they know exactly how to respond to each question. With Moments™, reps are able to provide the knowledgeable and empathetic service their customers expect.

No matter how tough the question is, Moments™ delivers the answer. “Our agents are more effective at presenting information when they have it right there in front of them. It helps us tremendously,” Hines says.

Rapid Screenings Center (RSC) Health is a full-service lab testing company on a mission to change people’s lives.

"We have all the answers. Revenue.io helps our agents be more effective by presenting those answers in real time. It helps us tremendously."

David Hines, Partner, RSC Health