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How Escoffier Improved Call Coaching, Increased Sales Productivity and Scaled Success


  • In 2020, the entire team at Escoffier was forced to go remote around the same time they were preparing to migrate to a new system. However, the Product team needed to enhance their technology to support their reps to also work remotely. As a top-tier culinary school that operates both on campuses and online, they still needed ways to answer questions from prospective students and help them enroll in programs, even if they weren’t in the office. Yet their remote softphone solution didn’t offer the critical functionalities their team relied on, such as authenticating user logins, setting up voicemails, and warm call transfers.
  • Lead conversion was suffering because reps were dealing with a high volume of leads, but they were constantly running into issues with the system and its lack of flexibility. Reps couldn’t make their required number of dials or talk time because they were dealing with technical issues. They were also frustrated because the volume of applicants for Escoffier’s online programs was growing exponentially, but they couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity because of the technical limitations of their systems.
  • Reps didn’t have visibility into what was happening with students because their disparate communication and tracking tools not only left them blind to communication happening with their students, but had no way to track and measure important data. As a result, response times to requests for information were longer. The disparate systems also confused potential candidates, since they were getting calls from one number but one-to-one texts from another when they communicated with the school.
  • Leadership needed a telephony system that would integrate seamlessly with Salesforce. They had recently invested in setting up an alternate dialing solution for their organization, but they quickly realized that their existing system didn’t work well with it and that reps would need to manually log calls if they wanted to have accurate and updated records. They wanted Salesforce to be their main source of truth when tracking interactions with students, but student data across all their different touchpoints wasn’t there.
  • Leaders needed a way to record and monitor calls. In addition to a communications hub that would integrate with Salesforce, Escoffier wanted to be able to record and monitor all the calls that happened, so that they could improve student engagement, training for reps and ensure regulatory compliance.


  • With RingDNA, the Global Communications Hub from Revenue.io, all reps now have access to information about students and have a record of their previous communications with the school. This makes it easier to have personalized, thoughtful conversations with students. They can also easily send emails, schedule meetings, and text students from one system. And the best part is that all their data and activities are automatically captured in Salesforce, so reps don’t have to spend extra time manually entering information.
  • Coaching became better and easier thanks to call recordings, call monitoring and the call dashboard. Coaches can use call recordings and call monitoring to pick up on patterns and identify key touch points to be used as examples for future training, as well as identify areas for improvement across the team that would benefit from coaching sessions. The call dashboard also gives supervisors full visibility into what’s happening on calls.
  • Their compliance team is now confident in their calls because they can use the same recording and monitoring solutions to ensure state guidelines for call recordings in different states are being met.
  • The sales and implementation processes were the smoothest they’ve ever experienced. Ultimately, Escoffier’s purchase came down to trust in the Revenue.io team. Implementation was effortless and only took a couple days to get everyone up and running on the new system, and Revenue.io delivered on every promise that was made and exceeded their expectations. “Revenue.io is now the gold standard for which we compare all of our vendors to. Not only is their technology innovative, but their support team is top-notch.” –Catalina Diaz


  • Their admissions team feels like they are much closer to and connected with students since it’s easier to gain their trust with a communication system that actually works. Students are confident that their questions will be answered, and that the school cares about them from the very beginning.
  • Within weeks, they saw a dramatic increase in dials and talk time. The sales team had an easier time hitting their daily goals thanks to the DialNext feature, which allowed for easy, quick and convenient dialing that helped them reach more people in a day. The warm transfer feature was particularly useful because prospects were happier and less likely to drop off calls when transfers were required. In their own words: “Revenue.io helped us move from dialing being transactional to dialing being transformational.” –Anne Reagan
  • Response times dramatically improved because reps could more easily see when prospective students requested information, and then quickly respond. It was also easy for managers to track response times with Revenue.io metrics and dashboards, so that they could stay on top of trends and make adjustments when necessary.
  • Escoffier expanded Revenue.io users from 150 reps to more than 400, based on the success of the original group since they quickly saw the benefits of Revenue.io and wanted to expand it across the organization.

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts is a culinary school group with campuses in Boulder, Colorado; Austin, Texas and online. The school specializes in culinary and pastry arts education, offering accredited diploma and degree programs. It’s been ranked the #1 culinary school in the world by Chef’s Pencil.

“Revenue.io has helped us learn faster, grow faster, and produce faster. And we know this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Anne Reagan, Director of Product, Escoffier

“Anyone who is looking for an innovative product and needs to launch a communications solution quickly should be using Revenue.io.”

Catalina Diaz, Technical Product Manager