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NFI Industries Transforms Sales Coaching and Books Up to 10X More Monthly Meetings with Qualified Decision Makers Using Revenue


  • RingDNA led to massive monthly productivity gains resulting in 8X more conversations from calls and 10X more meetings with qualified decision makers
  • Conversation AI empowered NFI to manage reps more effectively while spending less time listening to calls
  • Revenue.io delivered best-in-class implementation support and ongoing customer care to ensure that NFI experienced a great ROI

The Challenges

NFI Industries, one of the top asset-based third-party logistics companies in the U.S., was looking for a better way to manage sales reps and improve sales productivity. The company’s previous sales engagement solution did not offer NFI the ability to easily track, report on and understand the impact of sales efforts across the team.

In an industry with heavy competition and often long, strategic sales cycles NFI needed a better way to create pipeline and win deals. NFI began evaluating technologies that could allow managers to better track sales performance, better manage their daily activities, and report on the sales pipeline as a whole.

The Solution

NFI’s search led them to Revenue.io. Even prior to implementation, the Revenue.io team took care to ensure that NFI could achieve fast, measurable results. “When it came to deciding who we’re going to go with, the reps from Revenue.io did a fantastic job of walking us through the buying process and showing us what implementation would look like,” stated NFI Sales Manager Kyle McRae.“The support that we get from Revenue.io is hands-down the best that I’ve ever seen from any technology provider.”

“It became very clear and apparent that Revenue.io offered the right tools that would allow us to improve our sales process,” said McRae. NFI implemented the RingDNA Global Communications Hub to help improve sales productivity and insight.

Historically, reps had to go to multiple pages to understand what a prospect’s company does, who the contact is and what their role is at that company. But with RingDNA, reps are empowered to easily dial prospects from a single location, while gaining all the contextual information they need to have successful calls. “One of my favorite features of the communications hub is that we were able to customize it. We built custom fields that allowed our sales reps to have every piece of information that they’d need when calling new prospects,” said McRae.

Since implementing Conversation AI, Kyle McRae is more effective as a sales manager. Prior to using Conversation AI, McRae had to sit with each rep for an hour while they made dials in hopes of getting a prospect on the phone so he could listen to the call and offer feedback. But thanks to Conversation AI, NFI records conversations and provides feedback on those calls directly within the platform. “Conversation AI helps me do my job significantly better,” said McRae. “It gives me insight into specific areas that I can coach to within their sales process that I might not otherwise have had access to.”

The Results

The RingDNA Global Communications Hub delivers powerful productivity improvements including 9X more daily dials, 8X more conversations from calls each month and 10X more meetings with qualified decision makers monthly.

RingDNA doesn’t just improve productivity, it offers much needed insight. Since RingDNA automatically captures key metrics in turnkey Salesforce dashboards, NFI can finally see a real-time view of which sales efforts were impacting pipeline and revenue.

Conversation AI empowers managers to have a much bigger impact with coaching leading to dramatic improvements in revenue. “One rep who only closed $50K in revenue last year is on pace to drive seven figures this year,” stated McRae.

“Anyone that is in a leadership position that’s looking to improve their ability to coach and improve sales reps’ performance will find immense benefit from using RingDNA and Conversation AI,” said McRae. “Revenue.io gives reps the ability to outperform in the marketplace, while giving the leadership team the insight needed to coach and manage salespeople to perform at their best.”

NFI is a fully integrated North American supply chain solutions provider and generates more than $3 billion in annual revenue and employs more than 15,000 associates. NFI owns facilities globally and operates approximately 60 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space. Its dedicated fleet consists of over 4,600 tractors and 13,000 trailers operated by 3,800 company drivers and leveraging partnerships with 500 independent contractors. NFI has a significant drayage presence at nearly every major U.S. port, leveraging the services of an additional 1,000 independent contractors. The company’s business lines include dedicated transportation, distribution, brokerage, transportation management, port drayage, intermodal, global logistics, ecommerce fulfillment, and real estate.

"Anyone that is in a leadership position that’s looking to improve their ability to coach and improve sales reps’ performance will find immense benefit from using RingDNA and Conversation AI."

Kyle McRae, Sales Manager