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Revenue Empowers CEA Study Abroad to Increase Productivity and Streamline Operations in a Remote World


  • Fast implementation helped CEA quickly increase productivity in a remote world
  • Revenue.io helped CEA ensure students traveled safely
  • CEA’s outreach is far more efficient thanks to streamlined workflow and operations

The Challenge

Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA) works with a variety of educational institutions to provide students with opportunities to intern and study abroad. After experiencing issues with their existing CTI system, they began looking at new vendors.

Prior to implementing Revenue.io, CEA agents were using different systems for dialing, text messaging and call recording. This created confusion for agents who had to use separate numbers for calling and texting. Agents were also wasting hours a week leaving the same voicemail messages over and over.

Like many businesses, CEA had to quickly transition to a remote model in 2020. It was imperative for agents to stay connected to crucial prospect data while logging key data points in Salesforce.

The Solution

CEA chose Revenue.io as a vendor after being enticed by the fast implementation timeline, a robust feature set and metrics that Revenue.io delivered out of the box. “It was super easy for us to get started with Revenue.io. Implementation was very easy,” said CEA Study Abroad Director of Enrollment Services Gina Mahfood. And the CEA team began experiencing time savings almost instantly. “We found that we saved a lot of time by using Voicemail Drop instead of leaving the same voicemail over and over, every time we called a student,” said Mahfood.

Features of the RingDNA Global Communications Hub, like Voicemail Drop, DialNext and call logging saved CEA reps a lot of time. But in 2020, Revenue.io saved the day when CEA reps had to quickly migrate to a remote model. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the CEA enrollment team were able to make this shift to a work-from-home environment using Revenue.io without adding any additional software. “This was critical to our continuation of being able to do our jobs and advise students, not only students that were abroad and having to go home,” said Mahfood.

“Revenue.io was our saving grace last year. Revenue.io made it so reps could still contact students without using any of their personal data or having to pay any additional fees on their mobile phone bill. Using Revenue.io, we could help ensure that students safely found their way home.”

What’s Next?

Going forward, CEA is looking at new ways to use Revenue.io to improve coaching. “Coaching is really important for our team because we have a large group of employees that work with hundreds of different students. We need to provide a top notch experience for every student and ensure that we are consistent in our advising.”

CEA Study Abroad is an international education partner that provides students with an internship or study abroad experience in one of 23 locations across the world.

"Revenue.io was our saving grace last year. Using Revenue.io, we could help ensure that students safely found their way home."

Gina Mahfood is the, Director of Enrollment Services at CEA Study Abroad