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Revenue Helps Legal Firm Exceed Quota


  • The Revenue.io platform helped all three lines of business exceed quota
  • RingDNA by Revenue.io empowers “instantaneous” speed to lead
  • Conversation AI by Revenue.io saves managers hours each week by surfacing coaching opportunities
  • 20% increase in lead conversions thanks to Guided Selling by Revenue.io

The Challenge

Jan Dils Attorneys at Law is a firm representing individuals with disabilities and personal injury cases all across the U.S. After implementing Salesforce, Chief Operating Officer Eric Hillyard recognized an opportunity to replace their existing phone system with a better contact center solution. “We knew that we needed a way to grow besides adding more people. We needed to grow through technology,” said Hillyard.

When vetting vendors, Hillyard was looking to solve several key challenges. First, the solution had to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce. Jan Dils agents and case managers also needed help prioritizing and preparing for outbound calls with clients. Additionally, managers were having a tedious time reviewing calls for quality assurance, as typical calls last 45 minutes.

The Solution

Jan Dils demoed Revenue.io after looking at nine other contact center vendors. According to Hillyard, “We had such a poor experience with our prior contact center we wanted to get it right this time.” After seeing the Revenue.io platform in action, Hillyard knew their search was over. “I love that all data is stored in a single location,” stated Hillyard. “You don’t have to manage a bunch of browser windows or multiple logins. It’s just a one-stop shop, and it’s all there.”

The RingDNA Global Communications Hub ensures that all call data is automatically logged in Salesforce, while Guided Selling uses this data to automatically provide case managers with a prioritized view of daily activities and a contextual view of client data. This radically reduces the time it takes for case managers to prepare for calls.

Conversation AI automates quality assurance by alerting managers on specific areas in conversations where they should focus their coaching efforts. Alerts fire when calls require review, and also reveal which sections of calls managers should listen to. “It used to take 45 minutes for managers to get all of the information needed from a single call to know how to help coach the agent. Imagine that across a team of ten agents making multiple calls a day,” said Hillyard. “Conversation AI gives us all that time back.”

The Results

In the year to date, Jan Dils has seen a 20% increase in conversions since implementing the Revenue.io platform. “With Revenue.io, we were able to increase our client calls per day and reach client contact goals without hiring additional reps,” Hillyard said.

Jan Dils reps also use the Hot Leads feature to ensure that leads from inbound forms get immediate follow-up. “Lead response is almost instantaneous,” stated Hillyard.

Hillyard has been incredibly satisfied with the ROI of Revenue.io. “Thanks to Revenue.io, all three lines of business were able to not only meet but exceed quota goals,” Hillyard stated. “I’ve been the contact point for vendors for almost 10 years. In that time, Revenue.io has been the best vendor I’ve worked with, through sales, implementation and post-sale.”

Jan Dils Attorneys at Law is a West Virginia-based law firm that services cases all across the United States. Jan Dils focuses on personal injury and helping individuals with disabilities get the help they are entitled to receive. The firm services veterans and social security clients as well.

“Thanks to Revenue.io, all three lines of business were able to exceed quota. Revenue.io is the best vendor I've worked with.”

Eric Hillyard, Chief Operating Officer, Jan Dils Attorneys at Law