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How Revenue Helped OrthoFX Boost Productivity by 60%


  • Multiple disparate software tools were not tightly integrated, which created costly inefficiencies and headaches for the business.The business had multiple tools for sales, support and other operations that contributed to a fragmented technology stack. As they switched over to Salesforce as their one stop shop CRM, they wanted to have one seamless tool on top of Salesforce that helped them maximize such a large investment. During discovery, OrthoFX found that Revenue.io was the only platform that met their requirements of being seamlessly integrated and native to Salesforce.
  • The high volume of inbound leads coming in from multiple online channels created a need for streamlined lead management and prioritization. OrthoFX has a number of sales and success reps that work with both consumers (patients) and businesses (doctor offices). The business constantly gets many inbound leads from their marketing presence and campaigns across online and social channels, such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and needed a way to address these leads in a timely fashion, as well as segment them out into hot, warm and cold channels for lead prioritization.
  • Management needed visibility into team activity in order to know what was working and what was not so they could scale best practices with business growth. Being a hyper growth technology company in the healthcare space, OrthoFX needed a way to clearly track their defined metrics, and consistently tweak their KPIs to optimize for their rapid growth goals. Some key metrics they needed real time visibility into are: case volume (how many patients are getting started on a treatment program), doctors onboarded (how many get signed on per month), call volume, patient conversions, call duration, channel performance (calls versus email versus texts).


  • With the Revenue.io Platform, OrthoFX has consolidated much of their previously fragmented technology tools to streamline business operations and maximize their investment in Salesforce as the source of truth for customer information. As a result of the transition, productivity has increased by 60% because reps do not have to context switch or manually enter activity data.
  • RingDNA, the Revenue.io Global Communications Hub enables reps to get a 360-degree view of doctor and patient information so that they have more personalized conversations that lead to efficient resolutions and more sales. The ability to have everything at their fingertips right in Salesforce with full customer context has enabled them to increase patient conversions by over 20% month-over-month, and outbound activity has increased by 60%.
  • Revenue.io Performance Analytics: Now that reps are logging 100% of their activities automatically in Salesforce, including Tasks and Notes, management has real time visibility into the full history of customer touchpoints. As a result, they are able to coach more effectively and understand which metrics they need to use as leading indicators for success.

OrthoFX brings a modern approach to straightening teeth that is revolutionizing the Orthodontic industry. Founded by former Invisalign and Philips Sonicare execs, OrthoFX reimagines the end-to-end customer experience. From the beginning of the straightening journey, OrthoFX provides a simple, frictionless experience that is fun and motivating. OrthoFX is the first clear aligner brand to offer the convenience of online sales directly to consumers combined with the expert guidance and face-to-face care from a local doctor.

“We’re a small startup company, so our investment in Salesforce is a big deal. Revenue.io helps us to maximize our ROI in Salesforce by ensuring the data we’re capturing is accurate and complete, providing us with a 360 degree view of the customer.”

Mark Petroni, Sr. Manager of Business Intelligence, OrthoFX

“Patient and rep relationships have improved dramatically because all of the information is in one place, including activities, tasks, and notes. As a result, nothing falls through the cracks. Revenue.io has instilled best practices in our team as well; for example, it gives reps the chance to better follow up with patients whether by calling, emailing, or texting, and ensures we have the processes in place to easily re-engage and nurture existing leads in the system."

Holly Bledsoe-Bennett , Director of Customer Success, OrthoFX