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In sales, it’s absolutely essential to get your priorities straight. And yet, salespeople are often asked to multi-task.  There are always inbound leads to follow up with, lists to build, demos to give, emails to reply to and new prospects to dial. I even had a job once where I managed paid search campaigns in-between […]
Assembling the right team, creating an incredible sales playbook and ensuring that your sales reps always preach the right sales values are all essential. But even the best sales team won’t be competitive without the right sales tools. Whether you’re the new head of sales or have been in the role for some time, you should evaluate […]
“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Ben Franklin may or may not have been thinking about business operations when he wrote that famous line, but it’s just as applicable in our world as it was in the 1700s. I mention it here because our latest eBook is about something that everyone needs, but most people […]
Want to improve your inside sales team’s revenue and productivity? One of the best ways you can achieve fast growth is by better qualifying your leads. When your quota-carrying account executives are spinning their wheels talking to unsuitable prospects, it’s wasting time that they could be spending closing deals and moving valuable leads through your funnel. By quickly […]
One of my New Years’ resolutions for 2015 was to gain a better understanding of our customers’ needs. So last week, I did something that most marketers rarely do: I answered inbound sales calls. This might sound unusual, but here at Revenue.io, part of our mission is to fully understand what our customers need to […]
You may have heard that December is a bad time for B2B sales. You might think that companies don’t make purchasing decisions until the new year. But I’ve found that a little extra effort in December can yield powerful returns. So if you’re looking to raise the roof on your end-of-year numbers, here are three reasons […]
There has been a lot of talk about using gamification to enhance sales performance. And sure, giving badges to salespeople who meet goals can potentially motivate them to succeed. But at the end of the day, salespeople really just want to hit their numbers, keep their jobs and be duly compensated for their efforts. You don’t need to make […]
Revenue.io CEO, Howard Brown, joined our friends AG Salesworks for “ProspectingChat on Twitter. This edition of #ProspectingChat, focused specifically on inbound prospecting techniques. At first glance, “inbound prospecting” might seem like an oxymoron. When most people think of sales prospecting, they think about outbound prospecting techniques like building lead lists or cold calling. But more and more sales […]
When is the last time that you made a purchase on a whim? This past weekend, I decided to go to a really fancy brunch with two of my friends. When the check came, it was about 5 times the price of what I would normally spend on brunch. It was a splurge, to be sure, but […]
Imagine you’re an inside sales rep who is given a list of outbound leads to call down. It can be tempting to just dial down the list cold, in hopes of initiating as many conversations as possible. But think how much more successful you could be if you had access to contextually relevant information about each […]
One of the questions we’re asked most frequently is, what is an Intelligent Dialer? Simply put, an Intelligent Sales Dialer is software that actually tells sales reps something about who they’re calling before they dial. An Intelligent Dialer can virtually eliminate cold calling and empower reps to have far more successful sales conversations. Is More […]
Are you not quite sure what a predictive dialer is? How about CTIs, IVRs, or mobile CRMs?  Or maybe you’ve heard the term, but aren’t 100% clear on the definition of inside sales. If so, you’re not alone. More and more companies are moving to an inside sales model. And as sales organizations migrate to a remote […]