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The demand for inside sales reps has been rapidly expanding, having climbed at least 54% since 2010. That being said, expect more competition than ever to hire experienced inside sales reps with proven histories of driving revenue. Most companies can’t afford to staff their entire sales team with veterans, and as a result, The Bridge […]
Here’s a B2B sales tip that’s so simple it might not have occurred to you: a company with a large influx of cash is more likely to want to buy goods and services. Looking for companies that have  just received a funding round can help you target more qualified prospects. Remember that companies don’t get […]
New research by CSO Insights shows that 42% of salespeople don’t feel like they have the right information before calling prospects. This is especially true of inside sales reps who are handed a list of leads to call. Many reps who find themselves in this situation simply call down the list, hoping for the best. […]
Many inside sales reps at B2B companies are regularly faced with the daunting task of calling a list of leads that haven’t been touched in a while. Anyone who has worked their way down a calling list is no stranger to the click of a phone hanging up, followed by the “dialtone of death.” But […]
Let’s reflect on the most important business-to-business (B2B) sales trends that have emerged this year. In order to outmatch your competition, you need to ensure that B2B sales reps are armed with the right strategies and technology to adequately close deals. Businesses are buying and selling products and services in different ways, and if your […]
The reason for using call tracking software is simple: if you’re closing any business by phone, you should measure call metrics with the same degree of diligence that you’d use to track online behavior. Call tracking software can add tremendous value to businesses across a wide range of industries. Here’s a cross section of businesses types that often […]
Are you able to prove which campaigns and keywords influence each sale? A new study from BtoB and Eloqua shows that 24% of B2B marketers view influence on sales as the most important success metric (second only to measuring overall marketing ROI). This clearly demonstrates that more marketers are directly focused on how their efforts […]
“Sell high or die.” This phrase should be a mantra to all B2B salespeople. And when I say “sell high” I’m not talking about stocks. I mean that you need to take that figurative—or literal—elevator the C-Suite. Are the products you offer the best-in-class? Are your services superlative? Good. But that doesn’t matter at all unless […]