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Expert Advice for Newly Hired Sales Managers: 21 Sales Experts Weigh In

2 min readMarch 18, 2015

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Ben Franklin may or may not have been thinking about business operations when he wrote that famous line, but it’s just as applicable in our world as it was in the 1700s. I mention it here because our latest eBook is about something that everyone needs, but most people dread: change.


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Whether you’re the new VP of Sales or an old veteran, transformation is vital to ongoing success. Accordingly, we asked 21 of the world’s top sales experts a single question: what is the most important strategic advice you’d give newly hired managers to help them succeed within their first 90 days?

Their responses were more impassioned and actionable than we ever imagined. We’ve distilled all those amazing ideas into our free eBook, The 90 Day Inside Sales Success Plan. This is an essential blueprint for anyone tasked with change or team improvement.

Learn how to:

  • Secure trust & confidence across your entire team
  • Assess & refine sales processes
  • Have breakthrough 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Measure performance
  • Master social sales
  • Build a killer sales technology stack

Here at Revenue.io, we know how precious this kind of advice is. Through our talented customer base, we have the unique pleasure of meeting the most innovative and thoughtful sales executives in existence. They’re enjoying record-breaking quarter after quarter because they are constantly assessing, refining, measuring and optimizing their sales team. And I can tell you that the reps they manage don’t resist change – they welcome it, because it makes them more successful.

I hope you’ll check out this amazing compilation of diverse and sophisticated advice from some of today’s great minds.