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Real Time Guidance: How to Enable Reps to Have More Successful Conversations

Revenue Blog  > Real Time Guidance: How to Enable Reps to Have More Successful Conversations
6 min readMarch 31, 2023

In today’s fast-paced, customer-centric business world, the ability to communicate effectively is paramount to the success of sales and customer success teams. As a rep, navigating the complexities of customer interactions can often be challenging, with high expectations for saying and doing the right thing in every situation. It’s vital to empower reps with the tools they need to excel in their roles, including real-time guidance.

Real-time guidance is a revolutionary approach that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide reps with contextual insights and suggestions during live conversations. This game-changing method enables your team to deliver exceptional customer experiences while boosting overall performance. There are tons of ways real-time guidance can transform your reps’ conversations and set your organization on the path to success.

What is real-time guidance?

Real-time guidance is a game-changing solution designed to empower your sales and customer success reps with actionable insights during live buyer and customer interactions. It solves the problem of reps not knowing what to say and do during live conversations.

Essentially, real-time guidance functions as an intelligent, virtual companion that supports your reps throughout customer conversations, ensuring a consistently high level of professionalism and customer satisfaction. And it seamlessly integrates with various channels, including phone calls, live chats, and video conferences, adapting to the unique needs of each rep and customer interaction.

Top benefits of real-time guidance

Top teams are booking 21% more meetings by using AI-powered real-time conversation guidance. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the host of benefits that come with adopting this solution.

1. Increased productivity

According to Salesforce research, sales reps only spend 28% of their time selling. Real-time guidance is key to helping reps become more productive by reducing the time they need to spend preparing for conversations, reminding them to always qualify and making sure they ask for next steps to move the deal forward in every conversation. Of course, it frees up manager time as well by reinforcing training during sales conversations.

2. Faster onboarding

The average sales ramp up time is over 3 months, which is a huge cost for companies considering the fact that rep turnover rate is also high. With real-time guidance, companies can onboard their reps in just 45 days and never worry about them forgetting or not having the right information on calls again. It allows you to teach something once, then scale your sales expertise across every call.

Ramp Sales Reps

3. Improved customer experience

Real-time guidance empowers reps to deliver highly personalized and efficient interactions. As sales tracking software analyzes conversations and provides contextually relevant suggestions, reps can address customer concerns more accurately and promptly. This tailored approach demonstrates a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and preferences, contributing to a more positive and engaging customer experience.

4. Reduced attrition

With the average tenure of sales reps at less than 16 months and rep turnover on the rise, it’s more important than ever to find ways to reduce attrition. After all, rep turnover is incredibly costly. Real-time guidance decreases turnover by enabling reps to exceed quota by nailing every conversation.

5. More confidence and consistency

Real-time guidance fosters confidence and consistency in reps during customer interactions. By offering intelligent, contextual information, reps can handle diverse inquiries and objections more effectively and maintain a uniform brand experience. Continuous performance monitoring helps identify growth opportunities, allowing reps to improve sales skills and better understand customer needs. Consequently, your team can deliver consistent, high-quality customer engagements with the added confidence that comes from leveraging real-time guidance.

At Revenue.io, our patented technology harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deliver personalized, contextually relevant assistance, enhancing your reps’ communication skills and driving successful outcomes.

The building blocks of real-time guidance software

If you’re in the market for real-time guidance software, there are several non-negotiables to look for as you’re evaluating solutions. Be on the lookout for software that checks all of these boxes.

1. AI-powered conversation analytics

AI-powered conversation analytics play a critical role in the effectiveness of real-time guidance software, providing the foundation for delivering accurate, contextually relevant support to sales and success reps. By employing advanced AI algorithms, conversation analytics can dissect and interpret various aspects of live interactions, unlocking valuable insights that can be used to enhance customer experiences. Here’s why AI-powered conversation analytics are essential to real-time guidance:

  • Sentiment analysis: AI algorithms can detect the sentiment behind customer interactions, enabling real-time guidance systems to provide suggestions that are empathetic and aligned with the customer’s emotional state. This allows reps to forge stronger connections and better address customer concerns.
  • Keyword and topic detection: AI identifies keywords and topics being discussed during a conversation, enabling real-time guidance software to offer relevant and timely recommendations.
  • Personalization: By analyzing customer data and preferences, AI-driven conversation analytics enable real-time guidance systems to deliver highly personalized suggestions that resonate with customers.
  • Performance improvement: Conversation analytics provide data-driven insights into rep performance, allowing for targeted coaching and improvements. By pinpointing strengths and weaknesses, reps can focus on honing their skills and enhancing their overall effectiveness.
  • Streamlined workflows: AI notices trends and patterns in customer interactions, allowing organizations to streamline their processes and better allocate resources.

Without AI-powered conversation analytics, real-time guidance wouldn’t have the necessary insights to enrich buyer and customer interactions.

2. Out-of-the-box templates

Out-of-the-box templates offer a set of proven, pre-configured responses and suggestions based on industry best practices. They serve as a starting point for customization, allowing organizations to adapt the templates to their specific needs and processes.

Most importantly, out-of-the-box templates enable teams to start using real-time guidance software in minutes. Ultimately, these templates provide a valuable framework for reps, enabling them to deliver high-quality customer interactions while optimizing efficiency and effectiveness.

3. The real-time component

While many solutions claim to offer real-time guidance, they define “real-time” differently. In order for a platform to truly provide the real-time component, it needs to guide reps during live interactions. Revenue.io’s patented technology is the only solution to deliver authentic real-time guidance to reps during live conversations.

Best practices for implementing real-time guidance software on your team

Once you choose a real-time guidance solution to use for your team, it’s vital to follow best practices to implement the software efficiently and gain widespread adoption quickly. Here are some specific best practices to follow.

1. Involve reps in the process

Involving reps in the development process of real-time guidance software is crucial for its successful implementation and adoption within your organization. Gathering input and feedback from the team ensures that the solution addresses their specific needs and challenges. By involving reps from the outset, you not only encourage open communication but also foster a sense of ownership and accountability.

2. Train reps effectively

Training is another key aspect of ensuring the success of your real-time guidance software. Regular training sessions help reps stay up-to-date with the latest features and best practices, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to get the most out of the technology. Incorporating the new solution into the everyday workflow also helps reps become more comfortable and proficient in using the software, further enhancing their performance and efficiency during customer interactions. The amazing thing about real-time guidance is that it can actually reinforce the training you provide.

3. Continuously refine the solution

Constant refinement and optimization are integral to maintaining the effectiveness of your the software. Monitoring performance metrics and making necessary adjustments ensures that your guidance system remains relevant and aligned with your organization’s goals and objectives. By fostering a culture of ongoing improvement, you can ensure that your real-time guidance software continues to drive success for both your reps and your organization as a whole.

For more best practices for using this type of software, check out our Best Practices Guide.

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