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What is Agent Assist?

Agent Assist refers to technology that delivers relevant information in real-time so employees can successfully navigate conversations confidently. Triggered by keywords and phrases, real-time notifications automatically pop up with applicable guidance and talking points for specific topics.

Agent assist technology is a powerful tool for revenue teams, particularly when it comes to scaling coaching and training efforts. Tailored real-time recommendations allow managers to quickly ramp new reps, increase productivity among existing sales reps, and ensure consistent communication across teams.

For example, a prospect mentions a competitor on a call, and a new rep is unsure how to move the conversation forward. With agent assist technology, a competitor’s name will instantly trigger a notification with competitive talking points so the rep can respond confidently and steer the conversation back on course.

Benefits of Agent Assist for Revenue Teams

  • Guide reps with critical information at the exact moment they need it
  • Arm reps with responses to any objection right at their fingertips
  • Dramatically cut rep ramp time so new reps start generating revenue faster
  • Guide reps through any sales situation as if their coach is on the call with them
  • Present reps with technical answers to improve their product knowledge
  • Make great customer experiences the norm!