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What is Agent Assist?

The definition of Agent Assist refers to technology that delivers relevant information in real-time so employees can successfully navigate conversations confidently. Triggered by keywords and phrases, real-time notifications automatically pop up with applicable guidance and talking points for specific topics.

Agent assist technology is a powerful tool for revenue teams, particularly when it comes to scaling coaching and training efforts. Tailored real-time recommendations allow managers to quickly ramp new reps, increase productivity among existing sales reps, and ensure consistent communication across teams.

How Can Agent Assist Technology Help Deliver Better Customer Experiences?

When talking to buyers or customers it is common for agents to be asked questions that they don’t know the answer to. In the past, this required agents to place customers on hold while they search for the answer or even transfer the call. However with agent assist technology, agents can automatically receive the answers to tough questions in real time.

As an example, if a customer asks a tough technical question about the product, an agent assist could use AI-powered voice recognition technology to recognize that a common technical question is being asked and provide an answer in real time. So an agent could automatically receive an answer to a tough question like, “how many custom fields does your managed package create in Salesforce?”

Another example is the scenario where a prospect mentions a competitor on a call, and a new rep is unsure how to move the conversation forward. With agent assist technology, a competitor’s name will instantly trigger a notification with competitive talking points so the rep can respond confidently and steer the conversation back on course.

How Can Agent Assist Technology Guide Reps to Have More Successful Conversations?

  • Guide reps with critical information at the exact moment they need it
  • Arm reps with responses to any objection right at their fingertips
  • Dramatically cut rep ramp time so new reps start generating revenue faster
  • Guide reps through any sales situation as if their coach is on the call with them
  • Present reps with technical answers to improve their product knowledge
  • Make great customer experiences the norm!

Real-time Call Transcription and Analysis

Agent assist solutions also provide real-time transcription of conversations, which can then be analyzed. By integrating agent assist technology with conversation intelligence, managers can receive alerts when calls require coaching. Calls and meetings can also be sorted into call libraries that can help new reps ramp faster.