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How Automating Routine Sales Tasks Can Elevate Your Team to New Heights

2 min readMarch 24, 2015

Assembling the right team, creating an incredible sales playbook and ensuring that your sales reps always preach the right sales values are all essential. But even the best sales team won’t be competitive without the right sales tools. Whether you’re the new head of sales or have been in the role for some time, you should evaluate your needs at least every year, and preferably every six months. I recommend that you look at your target KPIs, and work backwards from there to discover which technologies can help drive them.


-Howard Brown
CEO and Founder, Revenue.io

4 Vital Questions New Sales Managers Need to Ask

Here are the questions to ask internally:

  • How do my top sales reps prioritize their daily tasks?
  • What sales processes work best for my top performers?
  • How do my top performers reach good prospects most often?
  • What predictive data insight do we currently get from marketing data, and at what sales stages?

Collect Feedback from Sales Reps

Once you’ve done that, ask your sales reps what their biggest frustration points are, and where they think they are least efficient. Specifically ask them what they think the biggest wastes of time are.

When you’ve collected that feedback, ask yourself:

  • Which routine tasks or processes should be automated? Focus not only on the frustration points, but also things that are working really well that should be institutionalized.
  • Which things should all my present and future reps be doing to reach more qualified prospects?

Don’t Slow Down to Speed Up

Now that you know what your needs are, take a fresh look at the sales technology landscape. Look for new or existing solutions that can help. And most important of all – don’t slow down to speed up. If you adopt new technologies, make sure there is little or zero downtime. Painful and slow integrations will ruin your week, your month and your entire quarter.

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