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Using Skills-Based Routing to Improve Lead Close Rates [VIDEO]

2 min readSeptember 10, 2013

What if every lead that called your company could be instantly connected to someone specializing in the product they want? If you could do that, how much more business could you close?

Capture more leads with advanced call routingFor example, let’s say that you sell cloud app hosting packages that you are advertising on Google AdWords. With Revenue.io, the moment a lead clicks through to your site, they’ll see a unique number that’s associated with your ad for hosting packages. When the lead dials that number, Revenue.io   automatically sends the lead to a specialist well-versed in selling app hosting packages. It’s that simple.

We firmly believe that one of the best ways to improve lead close rates is by automatically routing every prospect to the best possible rep. That’s why we developed our cloud-based automatic call distributor (ACD) software. This call flow engine automatically routes callers to the most skilled individual rep or queue of reps available based on factors including time of day, the specific marketing channel or promotion they viewed before calling, or even organic and paid search keywords.

And during instances when your most skilled reps aren’t available, you can configure our routing engine to send those callers to voicemail, route them to a different rep, or even a queue of reps. And by the way, your reps can intelligently prioritize leads in their queue based on their past sales and communication history in Salesforce.com, as well as their activity in LinkedIn, Chatter, Twitter and Facebook.

In our latest video, we show you how easy it is to create powerful voice routing rules, and show you ways that you can use skills-based routing to close more deals than ever before.