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Revenue.io Voicemail Drop

Uplevel Your Sales Voicemail Game & Save Hours Every Week

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Save 30 or More Hours Every Week

A team of ten sales reps spends an average of 30 hours each week just leaving voicemails. But Revenue.io's Voicemail Drop gives that time back to your sales team. With Voicemail Drop, your sales reps can leave perfectly recorded voicemails with just one click.

Always Leave the Perfect Message

Say goodbye to stumbling over words or wondering what to say on voicemails. With Voicemail Drop, each rep can create a library of custom pre-recorded voicemail messages. Then, when calls go to voicemail, reps simply select the best message and move on to the next call.

Give Feedback on Live or Recorded Calls

Whether you’re listening to call recordings or live calls, it’s easy to provide reps with actionable feedback, right from your dialer or from Salesforce.

A Complete Voice Sales Acceleration Platform

Voicemail Drop is just one component of the RingDNA Dialer for Salesforce by Revenue.io. Reps can also use their dialer to power through Salesforce lists with one-click dialing, connect with up to 400% prospects and much more.

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