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How to Configure Your RingDNA Dialer for Maximum Productivity and Success

4 min readApril 28, 2022

Dialers have been around for a while. They were first used 30+ years ago by the banking industry, primarily for collecting debt. But they have dramatically evolved in the last handful of years, and many have evolved to serve specific industries. And it just so happens that Revenue.io provides the #1 sales dialer for Salesforce, called RingDNA. 

The RingDNA Dialer is incredibly powerful and can be configured to support any use case. So in this video, Anna Kelley, CSM Lead at Revenue.io, walks us through how to configure your dialer to meet your needs. 

Configuring Your Sales Dialer for More Dials and Better Conversations

In the RingDNA Dialer, navigate to the settings tab at the bottom left. Here, we’ll talk about some key features to help you become more effective in your daily workflow. 

First, we’ll start with Click to Call. When Click to Call is turned off, clicking on contacts’ phone numbers in Salesforce will launch your dialer with details about the contact. This will allow you to view important details and context about the person you are about to call, such as activity history. However, by toggling Click to Call on, you can dial any lead or contact with one click without seeing the interim screen with contact details. This can enable you to power down lead lists in Salesforce faster.

The next setting to focus on is DialNext, which is designed to help you dial down Salesforce lead lists lightning fast. If you have a high volume of calls you have to make every day, then this feature will be your best friend. When this is turned on, you can call from a list in Salesforce that is a view, report or your Engage view. When one call is finished, simply enter the call disposition, then click the DialNext button and your dialer automatically starts calling the next number on your list. 

The Mute Audio Notifications When Busy feature is pretty straightforward – this will simply mute any other noise, such as chimes when you’re on a phone call. You can set your status to Busy by clicking on your user icon at the top left of your dialer. Your status will automatically be set to Busy when you’re on a call. If you have Calendar Detection on, your status will also be set to Busy when you’re in a meeting. 

There are a few options under Desktop Notifications and Sounds. You have the option to allow notifications for inbound calls, inbound messages, new Hot Leads, and Sequence email opens and replies. We recommend keeping this one on so you can handle your most important tasks as soon as they come up. 

The Record Call setting is configured at the admin level, so if you do not see that option, you can discuss this with your admin. As a general recommendation, we like to keep this setting on because recorded calls are a great coaching tool. However, there are instances where it doesn’t make sense to have this on. 

Log Email to Salesforce is a very helpful tool in a rep’s daily workflow. Reps can reduce clicks and improve productivity by initiating Salesforce emails within the RingDNA Dialer. Reps can use existing Lightning or Classic email templates to standardize their email responses or create a new customized email. When an email is sent from the RingDNA Dialer, all email activities are logged back to Salesforce automatically in real-time, giving reps additional context and team leaders an instant paper trail with prospects. 

Call Forwarding makes it easy for reps to benefit from the data and call controls while making and taking calls from any device, such as a mobile or desk phone. If Call Forwarding is off, your call will be made through your computer audio and microphone. To enable Call Forwarding, you will have to verify the device you want to forward calls to. Call Forwarding can be used for both outbound and inbound calls. 

Call Notifications will allow you to notify another device when you’re receiving an incoming call. This is a great setting if you will be temporarily away from your desk but want to make sure you don’t miss calls. 

When you have No Answer Number turned on, you can have a call forwarded to another device if you miss a call. Two great use cases are forwarding to your cell phone or forwarding to your company’s mainline. 

Dial More of Your Best Prospects

We continuously optimize every workflow based on feedback from some of the world’s smartest companies. With more than 232 million conversations captured and processed, Revenue.io can help your team be exponentially more productive.

If you’re still deciding whether the RingDNA Dialer by Revenue.io is the right option for you, check out Sales Dialers for Salesforce: the Complete Guide