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Revenue.io for Microsoft Teams Meetings

Win More Deals with Real-Time Meeting Guidance

Get more revenue from every rep with live AI-powered guidance that empowers your team to overcome objections, answer tough questions and exceed buyer expectations – all in real time.

Your Reps Need to Win Every Buyer and Customer Conversation

With Revenue.io for Microsoft Teams, They Can

Easily Overcome Buying Objections

Guide agents to say and do the right thing in every single meeting.

Answer Tough Technical Questions on Demand

Give customers the answers they expect in real time.

Ask the Right Questions

Prompt reps to ask for the answers they need to qualify and progress deals.

Improve Compliance During Meetings

Remind reps to make needed disclosures and correct mistakes in real time.

Flawlessly Execute Next Steps

Post-conversation summaries surface who said what, meeting topics and participant questions.

Save Time by Sharing Conversations Across the Team

Easily share summarized conversations with teammates to gain alignment.

Gain Complete Visibility Into Seller Conversations

With Revenue.io for Microsoft Teams, managers finally have insight into what happens during buyer and customer meetings. No more ride-alongs or old-school recordings – you can finally be everywhere at once.

Increase Coaching Productivity Without Adding Headcount

Effortlessly scale management time and measure the impact of coaching on outcomes. Revenue.io leaderboards measure specific coaching categories and correlate them to the impact on seller opportunities and revenue.

Help Reps Become Master Conversationalists

Failing to follow best practices can be incredibly costly. Revenue.io for Microsoft Teams nudges reps to break bad conversation habits including low voice energy, interrupting buyers, dominating the conversation and more.

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Auto-Capture Video Meetings for Coaching and Analysis

Automatically record, transcribe and analyze every Microsoft Teams video meeting directly in Revenue.io. Video meetings are auto-logged in Salesforce and saved in conversation intelligence libraries for training, meeting prep, AI-powered analysis and coaching.

Ensure Reps Follow Compliance and Security Guidelines

Help reps comply with internal and government regulations. By prompting reps to mention key phrases during crucial time windows, Revenue.io for Microsoft Teams can significantly decrease the risk of fines.

"Revenue.io helps me do my job significantly better. It gives me insight into specific areas that I can coach to within their sales process that I might not otherwise have had access to."
Kyle McRae is theSales Manager, NFI Industries
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"Revenue.io is our lifeline right now. Sales managers have to listen to calls as part of the job — it’s non-negotiable, because it’s by far the best way to train. And we have seen dramatically faster rep ramp time for our SDRs as a result."
Stephanie Sullivan is theDirector of Growth Operations, ChowNow
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