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What is an Intelligent Dialer?

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2 min readApril 11, 2020

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently is, what is an Intelligent Dialer? Simply put, an Intelligent Sales Dialer is software that actually tells sales reps something about who they’re calling before they dial. An Intelligent Dialer can virtually eliminate cold calling and empower reps to have far more successful sales conversations.

Is More Really Better When It Comes to Dials?

Dialing more leads each day can be powerful, but only up to a point. We know that there are companies out there boasting about how their auto dialer software can enable inside sales reps to connect with 300-400 leads in a single day. If you’re a telemarketer or selling an offering with a 5-second value prop (like dog grooming services) then call volume might be your metric of choice for measuring how effective a dialer is.

But let’s face it, in most industries 100 intelligent conversations will yield far better results than 400 mindless ones. Before we built our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce, we put a lot of thought into what features are actually going to help inside sales reps qualify more leads and close more revenue.

Several years ago I was working as an inside sales rep, but didn’t have a great CRM in place like Salesforce let alone a dialer. As a result, there were several times I dialed a prospect thinking that it was a first touch, only to find out that one of my co-workers had spoke to them weeks earlier. If only I could have accessed that prospect’s contact and sales history in the context of outbound calls, I would have been able to have much smarter conversations.

Dialing Power Plus Insight: A Perfect Pair

Here at Revenue.io we have two missions when it comes to outbound sales calls. Sure, we want to help you connect with more leads, and we have several features that help you do that.  But we also want to make those calls a lot smarter. That’s why we automatically deliver data about prospects from Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more to reps before they make a dial. They can quickly view relevant information and then have much more intelligent conversations.

With Revenue.io you can dial more leads and have smarter conversations. And the results speak for themselves. One of our favorite things around here is getting positive feedback from our customers. One of our customers in the real estate industry just wrote us saying, “Through the use of this technology, we are given instant insights into the kind of person our customer is. This helps us to build rapport very quickly.” My favorite part of working here at Revenue.io is hearing that our intelligent dialer is helping our customers. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you can start your free trial today.