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Sales & Revenue Operations Glossary

Decode the terminology, jargon and key terms used by high-performing sales teams.

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What is Sales Coaching?
Sales coaching is a sales training and performance improvement method that utilizes a sales leader who acts as a coach. The coach helps sales reps develop their sales skills, improve selling methodologies, and achieve both personal and career growth. Sales coaching differs from typical sales training as it focuses on individual improvement from both a […]
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What are Sales Coaching Programs?
Sales coaching programs are usually available through online learning and phone meetings. The main reasons for implementing these programs are to enhance teamwork, boost confidence of the sales agents, motivate more experienced sales agents to mentor newer agents, and build a constant workflow on the sales floor. It is important for the training material to […]
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What are Sales Conversations?
A sales conversation is a term that is not commonly defined in inside sales. In a sales organization it usually refers to a call conversation between two or more people. A general rule as far as determining the effectiveness of a sales conversation in Salesforce, from a reporting perspective, is to identify a phone call […]
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What are Sales Dashboards?
The definition of a sales dashboard is an easy-to-read graphical representation of sales data that’s intended to enable sales managers to make better decisions.
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What are Sales Development Reps (SDRs)?
The definition of a sales development rep (SDR) is a type of inside sales rep that solely focuses on outbound prospecting. Unlike quota-carrying salespeople, sales development reps don’t focus on closing business. Rather, SDRs they focus on moving leads through the pipeline.
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What is a Sales Discovery Call?
The sales discovery call is a two-way conversation and an essential part of the lead qualification process. Even though lead qualification can be done through an email exchange, it is by far more effective to do it over the phone with call software. During a sales discovery call the sales agent should ask specific questions […]
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What is a Sales Email Sequence?
A sales email sequence is a coordinated series of emails that are sent from a salesperson or sales team to a prospect over a specific period of time. Typically, sales email sequences are sent using a sales automation platform that manages who receives the emails, when, and when they stop. The Goal of a Sales […]
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What is Sales Email Tracking?
Sales email tracking is a process for monitoring what impact a sales email will have to convert a lead to a sale. The concept of sales email tracking is more current than ever. Although standard email marketing metrics such as delivery, open and click-through rates are necessary to track, these metrics can only assess a […]
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What is a Sales Enablement Manager?
A sales enablement manager is someone who is the liaison for the marketing and sales departments. This person’s main responsibility is to ensure that sales agents are well-resourced with the content, training, and knowledge of available assets to actively work and close deals in the sales pipeline. This type of support is also critical to […]
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What are Sales Enablement Tools?
Sales enablement tools are sales applications designed to provide sales teams with the processes, information, and content that allows them to sell more efficiently and effectively to generate more revenue. Sales enablement tools reduce rep workload to increase overall productivity and output. They also empower reps to address prospect needs during each deal stage to […]
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What is Sales Engagement?
In short, sales engagement is the interactions that occur between buyers and sellers. These engagements can be broken into interactions that occur on a macro and on a micro level. On a macro level, engagements are the touchpoints that happen through various sales channels, such as the phone, email, social media, and chat. Sales engagements […]
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What is a Sales Engagement Platform?
A sales engagement platform is a solution that enables sales teams to deliver high-quality interactions throughout the buyer journey. Sales engagement interactions may include inbound or outbound phone calls, email clicks or opens, voicemail messages, interactions on a website or social media profile and event or webinar attendance. Sales engagement solutions function as a single […]
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