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What is Voice Marketing Automation?

The definition of voice marketing automation describes a process that is designed to optimize sales revenue by automating workflow based around call analytics. Voice marketing automation is related to traditional marketing automation. However, where traditional marketing automation focuses on managing and automating online leads, voice marketing automation incorporates phone leads into the measurable marketing funnel, enabling true closed-loop reporting.

Example of How a Voice Marketing Automation System Works

Here’s an example of how a voice marketing automation system might help accelerate sales and marketing ROI. When a call comes in, the voice marketing automation system would first use a call tracking tool to capture data about callers. These days, the best voice marketing automation systems offer CRM integration. By capturing this date in a CRM tool like Salesforce, it can ensure that no leads will slip through the cracks and help reps respond to leads much faster. Call tracking data could then be used to trigger intelligent routing rules that can connect callers with the most appropriate call queue or product specialist. Next, the system could deliver data about callers to inbound sales reps via a CTI screen pop. This would enable reps to have more intelligent conversations with inbound leads. The voice marketing automation systems could also provide marketers with real-time analytics to help them invest more in not only the efforts that drive web leads but also efforts that drive inbound calls. And since the voice marketing automation system syncs with their CRM, marketers would not only gain insight into which efforts drive the most calls, but also which efforts drive the best calls, those that result in qualified opportunities and—most importantly—revenue.