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CRM Data Capture

Capture 100% of Your Team’s Sales Activities in Salesforce

View your reps sales activities in real time and identify key opportunities to move the needle.

Eliminate Sales Busy Work

Sales reps want to spend their time selling - not logging calls, emails, texts, tasks, notes and other activities in Salesforce.

Revenue.io makes manual data logging a thing of the past by automatically capturing all meaningful sales activity data in Salesforce.

Actionable Real Time Sales Data

As reps make and take calls, send emails, text leads, schedule appointments and draft notes within the RingDNA dialer, all data syncs with Salesforce automatically in real time.

If the data is in Revenue.io, it’s in Salesforce. It’s that simple.

Capture Real Time KPIs

As reps reach out to prospects, book meetings and close revenue, Salesforce dashboards automatically populate with real-time sales performance data.

Know which reps are busiest, which are most efficient and which need additional coaching.

Record Calls Automatically

Revenue.io gives sales reps the power to automatically record phone calls and log call recordings in Salesforce. Revenue.io is fully GDPR, CCPA and SOC II compliant.

Once recordings are in Salesforce, Conversation AI can scan recordings for actionable insights.

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