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What is CTI?

The definition of computer telephony integration (CTI) is a term that can be used to describe any technology that enables computers to interact with telephones. This technology is primarily used in call centers and is often used to describe desktop interactions that improve human agents’ productivity.

Functions of CTI

There are a variety of functions CTI can be used for. These might include:

  • Screen popping-Triggering a callers number (ANI) or number dialed (SDNIS) and other data about customers the moment of a call.
  • Automated Dialing-Including click-to-call, power dialing, and autodialers
  • Phone controls- e.g. answer, hang-up, hold conference
  • Call Routing/Transferring- Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) time-based routing, skills based routing, etc.

Applications of CTI

  • Screenpops can give agents access to contextual details about callers the moment the phone rings.
  • CTI can also authenticate a call, screening its number against a database of numbers. These prospect and customer numbers are often stored in a CRM tool like Salesforce.
  • CTI tools can be used to route inbound calls to the right agent. Calls can be routed based on a variety of factors including time-of-day, agent’s skills, and even which marketing promotion or paid search keyword triggered a call in the first place.
  • It can provide interactive voice response (IVR) to inbound callers, enabling them to provide self-service
  • CTIs can log and record calls in CRM tools like Salesforce.
  • It can handle call forwarding and call transferring functions.
  • It can display pending live calls in a queue.
  • CTIs can help outbound reps/sales development reps dial more prospects using dialing autodialing, click-to-call, predictive dialing and more.
  • It can also be used to trigger various applications based on inbound calls. This can be used to assist agents and help them sell more or provide better customer service based on callers’ intent.