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CTI for Salesforce

The Best Telephony Solution for Salesforce. Why Settle for Less?

Capture More Call Data in Salesforce

Revenue.io integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, empowering you to capture exponentially more data in your org. With Revenue.io's CTI app, reps can automatically log calls, call recordings, call dispositions, emails, tasks and more. All data populates in Salesforce in real time.

Enable Sales Reps with Valuable Data

Revenue.io’s computer telephony integration (CTI) app provides reps with rich contextual data that helps them sell more successfully. Inbound and outbound calls trigger a screenpop that provides data about prospects including past calls, emails, notes, Chatter posts and content preferences.

"Revenue.io offers rich call data, flexible telephony options, and best-in-class inbound and outbound sales enablement features that enable sales teams to have more meaningful conversations with more prospects. I highly recommend their CTI solution for Salesforce."
Paul Fischer is thePresident, Cloud on Purpose

Truly Flexible Telephony Options

Revenue.io's CTI app is as flexible as your sales team, enabling reps to make and take calls using their favorite devices. Use Revenue.io’s browser-based VoIP phone app. Or add data-rich screen pops to calls over any existing desktop or mobile phone.

Powerful Tools Your Entire Team Will Love

Reps love using Revenue.io because it fits seamlessly into their workflow, offering productivity-enhancing benefits at every turn. Reps dial leads faster, connect with more prospects and spend less time logging data manually.

Lightning-Fast Implementation

Say goodbye to long, drawn-out implementations. Revenue.io was built specifically for fast-growing sales teams. Getting started with Revenue.io is as simple as downloading an app. Onboarding new reps takes only minutes.

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