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What is a Sales Sequence?

A sales sequence, also referred to as a sales cadence, is a scheduled series of sales touchpoints that include phone calls, emails, social messages, and SMS messages, as well as other tasks that are delivered at a pre-defined interval over a particular period of time. Sequences have recently become the standard for sales teams, who use them to help reps manage outreach to prospects.

The goal of a sales sequence is to generate a conversation with qualified prospects and set meetings for further discussions. Typically, sales development reps use sequences to schedule and manage their outreach to leads and prospects. However, account executives also use sequences to keep in touch with contacts leading up to, and following demos.

Sales sequences establish activities and timing, which eliminates all guesswork so salespeople always know what do to next and can continually advance each prospect without missing a beat. Sequences also establish standards and best practices for your sales team. This means that the outcomes and effectiveness of outreach patterns and messaging can be measured and optimized for success.

A sales sequence can be triggered by certain activities, like a website content download, webinar attendance, ad click, or even just the addition to a list.

The most effective sales sequences contain at least 8 touches over the span of 10 days at a minimum.

Although sales sequences can be managed manually to some degree, to be truly effective, they should be managed with the help of a sales sequence application that automatically schedules the activities and helps to remind reps when they need to take place.