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What is a Lead Response Rep?

The definition of a lead response rep is an inside sales rep who is specifically tasked with following up with leads from inbound marketing campaigns. Lead response reps are sometimes referred to as marketing qualification reps (MQRs), market response reps and inbound sales reps. These inbound leads might include leads who fill out web forms, download marketing content such as eBooks or whitepapers, attend webinars, or answer emails. Lead response reps are also often tasked with taking inbound calls from marketing ads and content.

The benefits of hiring a team of dedicated lead response reps is that they can help to create a dependable stream of opportunities for your account executives (closers). Account executives don’t have to spend time qualifying inbound leads themselves, and they can instead spend their time only selling to sales-ready leads.

Companies often choose to hire dedicated lead response reps based on the number of unique monthly marketing leads. It’s advised to hire a company hire its first dedicated lead response rep when there are between 300-400 unique marketing leads, though this number will vary depending on industry and customer base.