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What is a Call Disposition?

The definition of a call disposition is a label that describes the outcome of a call. By tracking call outcomes, sales managers can gain valuable intelligence that they can use to optimize their teams’ sales process. By tracking different disposition metrics, sales managers can gain insight into ways to improve their teams’ sales process. Disproportionately high outcomes showing disconnected or rejected calls can alert sales managers of systemic opportunities or problems. As an example, if there are too many call dispositions showing disconnected numbers, it can indicate that a rep’s lead list doesn’t have accurate prospect data.

Here are some common call dispositions:

Appointments Set – If a high number of calls in a specific campaign lead to appointments, then it likely means that the campaign is doing a good job of generating high-quality leads.

Disconnection/No longer in service/Busy  – If a large number of leads end in busy signals or disconnection messages, then it might be time to analyze the lead source and move in another direction. If Marketing is providing Sales with a high number of disconnected numbers, then it could mean that there’s a problem with the lead source.

Left voicemail – If too many calls are going to voicemail recordings, it could be time to do an audit to remove specific leads from follow-up lists that always go to voicemail.

Scheduled Demo – A call was connected and it resulted in a demo being scheduled. This indicates that a rep is doing a good job.

Rejected– Are a high volume of calls getting rejected? If so it could be time to embrace a new tactic such as calling leads from local instead of toll-free numbers.