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How Dialer-Based Text Messaging Can Improve Customer Relationships, Streamline Your Workflow, and Close Deals

2 min readMarch 10, 2022

Maintaining strong and positive relationships with your customers is key to account management. Breaking the fourth wall, so to speak, and showing your customers that they are interacting with a living, breathing individual can break tension and increase customer satisfaction. 

There are many ways to foster this kind of relationship, and in today’s world, text messaging is one of the best. It makes sense: we are used to texting in our daily lives, so it is a platform in which many people already feel comfortable, bridging casual and professional in a manner that perfectly suits sales managers’ needs. 

Ultimately, when customers get the feeling they are talking in real-time to a real person, they are likely to be more trusting of you and interested in the service you are providing. That is why we include a well-equipped texting feature in the RingDNA Dialer. 

Get More Value From Texting With the RingDNA Dialer

Using the RingDNA texting feature is an excellent way to communicate with prospects at many stages of the deal cycle. Getting onto a regular texting basis with customers not only improves your relationships, but it streamlines and accelerates the sales cycle, too. You can text straight from the RingDNA Dialer, and all of your text threads are automatically and immediately logged into Salesforce, so you’ll be able to review your conversations whenever you need. Just make sure to ask your customer for permission to use text messaging beforehand, and you’ll be good to go!


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