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Revenue Just Made Managing Your Mobile Contacts Even Easier

Revenue Blog  > Revenue Just Made Managing Your Mobile Contacts Even Easier
2 min readDecember 4, 2020

We’re excited to announce some exciting new changes to Revenue.io Free for Salesforce that will make it easier than ever for you to manage and communicate with your contacts at blazing speeds. In improving what we believe is the best mobile CRM app for Salesforce.com users, we heard from customers that in addition to being able to see actionable contextual information about your contacts, and communicate with them instantly, you also wanted the experience to be more personal.

That’s why we’ve integrated faster search, new filtering options and company data in the contact screen, in addition to email signature support. To receive all of these updates, simply accept the update prompt from the app store.

Search Only Your Contacts with the “My:” Filter

In the first version of Revenue.io for iPad, the app pulled all the leads and contacts in a company’s sales org. However, the most frequent feature request we received the ability to filter out the names that haven’t been assigned directly to you. We thought it was a great idea, but we still wanted to give users the option to view all the contacts in their company’s org.

Starting today, in the search field on the app’s contact screen, you can type “my:” in order to bring up just the leads or contacts that have been assigned to you.

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Save Time by Searching for Multiple Items at Once

You can now search for multiple items. For example, if you search for “my:” and “Appiro” you’ll just bring up your contacts at Appirio. Or if you search for a name and a company, it will bring up that particular contact. This can help save you time when searching.

Find Accounts with Ease

Revenue.io will now automatically search company names without any extra effort from you. Simply type and search.

Auto-Add Your Signature to Emails

To customize your signature, simply click on the gear icon, click “Account Details,” and click the edit button. Going forward, your professional signature will be added to outbound emails.

Mobile Sales App

We think you’ll find that these new updates make Revenue.io Free an even more powerful sales tool. So if you haven’t downloaded our new update, make sure to get it from the app store.

Are there any features that you would like added to Revenue.io’s mobile app?  Drop by our support page and fill out a feature request. We’ll do our best to incorporate your suggestions into future builds.

2020 update: This post contains legacy content regarding Revenue.io features. For the most recent up-to-date information about Revenue.io, please check out our amazing solutions at www.revenue.io