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Sales reps spend an average of 25 hours a month, 15% of their total selling time, leaving voicemails. With pickup rates hovering around 13%, the majority of sales calls go to voicemail, and sales best practices suggest that salespeople should always leave voicemails. Regardless if sales reps are calling leads, prospects or customers, these messages […]
Sales acceleration software is a category of software that’s designed to maximize sales revenue by driving sales efficiencies and improving sales effectiveness. This involves not only automating sales processes, but also increasing the velocity of sales by helping reps identify the best prospects, connect with them more successfully and have more intelligent conversations during the […]
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This simple fact, that we were told countless times as children, might just hold the secret to outbound sales success. Think about it – would you rather call a key decision maker directly, or go through a switchboard?  Sales data from Vorsight, a company that […]
Premature obituaries have been written about business practices ranging from email to tweeting, but perhaps none more so than outbound calling as a sales model. Proving the naysayers wrong, not only has inside sales hiring  been on the rise recently, but new research shows that outbound calling as a sales strategy is more successful than […]