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What are Sales Enablement Tools?

Sales enablement tools are sales applications designed to provide sales teams with the processes, information, and content that allows them to sell more efficiently and effectively to generate more revenue. Sales enablement tools reduce rep workload to increase overall productivity and output. They also empower reps to address prospect needs during each deal stage to accelerate deals through the pipeline.

Sales enablement tools come in the form of applications such as dialers, automation tools, and analytic platforms. They create new efficiencies to increase the velocity with which deals are made. This is done through the introduction of automations, streamlined processes, workflow prioritization and more to ensure sales reps focus their time on selling. They also gather data in order to provide valuable insights through analytics and reporting so sales teams can identify and address areas of improvement.

Sales enablement tools also provide reps with fingertip access to critical information on prospects to drive more effective conversations. Applications such as dialers deliver relevant information around a prospects’ activities, as well as contextual data gathered from previous sales conversations, such as current needs, problems, competitors, etc. This ensures that reps consistently have productive conversations that result in sales wins and increased revenue.

What is sales enablement?