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How to Unlock the B2B Sales Prospecting Code [Upcoming Webinar]

Revenue Blog  > How to Unlock the B2B Sales Prospecting Code [Upcoming Webinar]
1 min readApril 15, 2020

So, how are your outbound sales prospecting efforts going? Is your team able to reach most or all of your target accounts? Are you able to find target accounts before your competitors do? Are they driving at least 65% of your business revenue?

If there’s still room for improvement, I hope you’ll join us for an incredible webinar on Tuesday April 28. I’ll be moderating a stellar panel of three phenomenally successful B2B entrepreneurs who will reveal their latest trade secrets to discovering, connecting with and converting more sales-ready leads.

There are three primary ingredients you need for incredible B2B sales prospecting: prospect profiling & associated market intelligence data, superior outreach tactics, and a compelling, value-based approach. In a rare display of good planning and crazy luck, we’ve managed to pull together experts in all three disciplines for one amazing hour.

Watch the webinar

You’ll learn:

  • How to quickly build lists of sales-ready leads
  • How to find sales-ready leads before your competitors do
  • How to end your dependency on inbound lead quality
  • How to connect with up to 400% more sales-ready leads

The B2B Prospecting Code

Our incredible speakers:

  • Ben Sardella– The Co-Founder of Datanyze who pioneered the SaaS sales model at KISSmetrics and Netsuite
  • Craig Wortmann– A three-time CEO, author and speaker who coaches outbound sales teams to success
  • Howard Brown– A three-time entrepreneur who helps billion-dollar enterprises accelerate revenue